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Sansha Watch info is wrong

PostPosted: 2020.03.29 02:48
by Sivaira Chen
The Wiki says that there are 2-4 Centii Facility Patrollers and 8-10 Centus Point Defense Batteries in the first pocket, but upon running a Sansha Watch, I found out that there were also a couple of Sansha cruisers in that pocket.
Can someone please edit the first pocket info for the Sansha Watch please?

Re: Sansha Watch info is wrong

PostPosted: 2020.03.29 09:03
by Hirmuolio Pine
On top right corner of wiki is the login button. The login is done with your EVE account.

Once you are logged in you can edit the pages.

Just add a new line in the NPC table for the missing ships.

Run another site to get the number of ships and what is their name. Taking screenshot (tip: Sort the overview by icon) and editing the info based on screenshots is the easiest way.

Something like this:


Check the preview to see that everything looks normal and then save the changes.