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Re: Pirate battleship fits

PostPosted: 2020.02.27 22:57
by Shauny Tsero
Guys let's drop the argumentative talk please.

and keep it to the initial discussion

Re: Pirate battleship fits

PostPosted: 2020.02.27 22:59
by Vorkan Dosja
Gergoran Moussou wrote:I'll see about putting the Leshak fits in when I get home.

I don't really have any fits for pirate battleships right now, so that's why I suggested that the Fittings Department might be able to help come up with fleet fits (having been fittings staff a few months ago, I recognize that it can be a bit disorganized, but this wouldn't be very difficult).

As I said earlier, if you want me to work on putting them on the wiki, I can take a stab at it. There isn't a "fittings department" currently, but some fit is often better than no fit. At least for starting points.

Re: Pirate battleship fits

PostPosted: 2020.02.27 23:05
by Taylor Moon Mahyisti
Vorkan Dosja wrote:Are you here to complain or help? If you're here to help, then go fix it.

i did. and then i unfixed it because i was unhappy with the ungratefulness conveyed to me

Vorkan Dosja wrote:If you're here to complain, then as far as I personally am concerned, go away. You're not helping, and you're wasting everyone's time

im quite happy with the way in which ive been using my time. you dont have to post if you feel that you have better things to do

Vorkan Dosja wrote:because instead of discussing the original topic, we're discussing how you don't like E-Uni (Which you say you're part of).

i am not, and never have i said that. i told you have a couple of spy accounts in.

Re: Pirate battleship fits

PostPosted: 2020.02.27 23:07
by Shauny Tsero
I've had to lock this topic as you can't drop argumentative talk.