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Wiki Upgrade - Live!

Posted: 2019.11.20 03:43
by Rayanth
After diving into the nitty gritty details in June and working for several months on all of the moving parts, I am happy to announce that:
The UniWiki Upgrades Have Been Deployed!
What's New (a probably growing list as we discover more):
  • We have enabled EVE SSO Login. (NOTE: Unless you're awesome like me and have a one-word name, logging in via SSO will likely create a new user account rather than log in to your old one. There is a separate thread [here] for requesting account mergers.
  • You can also enable 2FA under your User preferences, once logged in.
  • We can now embed videos in pages, rather than linking to them externally
  • Numerous improvements to administrative functions
  • Much better security
  • Should have improved performance from upgrades to PHP and database server as well
  • Drastically improved API that will allow me to write automatic maintenance systems for some static data (think skillbook prices, etc)
  • Fully HTML5 and CSS3 compliant compilation engine, allowing better styling and new features going forward
What's Gone (also possibly a growing list):
  • It is no longer possible to see how many views a page has
  • SOME pages may display slightly differently if they were hand-coded and not html5 compliant.
  • There may also be some missing elements to the CSS styling of general pages, particularly Special pages or the Editor - They are being worked on.
What's Left:
  • Ongoing improvements to the 'skin' (which I had to rebuild, which is what took so long)
  • Fixing the Mathematical Formulas extension, which was broken even on the old version
  • Investigating additional extensions for new functionailty
  • Reaching out to the broader player base to get more editors now that they can SSO in
  • Creating and running Wiki 101 courses
  • All the things