State of the Wiki: October Report

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State of the Wiki: October Report

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State of the Wiki: October Report


Deleting Wiki Pages

If you want to delete a Wiki Page, either because you've created it by mistake or you think it is no longer relevant, see Category:Candidates for deletion for instructions on how to mark a Page for deletion.

After enough Pages accumulate (or Evon reminds me to take a look :P ), a member of the Wiki Department with administrative Wiki rights will review the Pages and decide if they should be deleted or spared.

Merging Wiki Users

When the Wiki switched from using Wiki Accounts to using EVE Online Characters as a method of authentication, usernames were duplicated.

I've merged all remaining Wiki Account usernames with the new EVE Online Character usernames.

Here's the list of all effected usernames formatted as "<old username> -> <new username> <optional note>":
Barclay davinci -> Barclay daVinci
Battlepig mac -> BattlePig Mac
Beboparebop rhubarbpie -> BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie
Blasty mcvoidface -> Blasty McVoidFace
Bloodydumka -> BloodyDuMKa
Bobbyrush -> BobbyRush (Old User Page moved to 'User:BobbyRush/Old user page')
Boss-dog en daire -> Boss-Dog en Daire
Cj longstreet -> CJ Longstreet
Cairdrie mcskye -> Cairdrie McSkye
Celtic mak -> Celtic Mak (Old User Page moved to 'User:Celtic Mak/Old user page')
Cernnunos gunn -> Cernnunos Gunn (Old User Page moved to 'User:Cernnunos Gunn/Old user page')
Chenli -> ChenLi
Cry ofspace -> Cry of Space
Dj cadelanne -> DJ Cadelanne
Dakar fuller -> DaKar Fuller (Old User Page moved to 'User:DaKar Fuller/Old user page')
Dan egdald -> Dan Egdald (Old User Page moved to 'User:Dan Egdald/Old user page')
Danielle en divalone -> Danielle en Divalone
Debir achen -> Debir Achen (Old User Page moved to 'User:Debir Achen/Old user page')
Deeginge deninard -> DeeGinge Deninard
Docsabbath -> DocSabbath
Dzhakroix vivorant -> Dzhakroix Vivorant (Old User Page moved to 'User:Dzhakroix Vivorant/Old user page')
Ebane padecain -> EBane Padecain
Earl reneshan -> Earl Reneshan (Old User Page moved to 'User:Earl Reneshan/Old user page')
Edswifa rova -> Edswifa Rova (Old User Page moved to 'User:Edswifa Rova/Old user page')
Emil sanni -> Emil Sanni (Old User Page moved to 'User:Emil Sanni/Old user page')
Enzo caricotri -> Enzo CaricoTri
Ersin oghuz -> Ersin Oghuz (Old User Page moved to 'User:Ersin Oghuz/Old user page')
Ethel-red theunreddy -> Ethel-red Theunreddy
Etienne oort -> Etienne Oort (Old User Page moved to 'User:Etienne Oort/Old user page')
Falling snow kumamoto -> Falling Snow KumaMoto (Old User Page moved to 'User:Falling Snow KumaMoto/Old user page')
Faust jaeger -> Faust Jaeger (Old User Page moved to 'User:Faust Jaeger/Old user page')
Fergus echerie -> Fergus Echerie (Old User Page moved to 'User:Fergus Echerie/Old user page')
Franx fidard -> FranX Fidard
Franktt2 -> FrankTT2
Gerry theviking -> Gerry TheViking
Gloom skull dethahal -> Gloom skull Dethahal
Goose in boots -> Goose in Boots
Guarzo opper -> Guarzo Opper
Hideo date -> Hideo Date (Old User Page moved to 'User:Hideo Date/Old user page')
Jhakko jhakkobi -> JHAKKO JHAKKOBI
Jack severson -> Jack Severson (Old User Page moved to 'User:Jack Severson/Old user page')
Jadiera macdougal -> Jadiera MacDougal
Jason bouchard -> Jason Bouchard (Old User Page moved to 'User:Jason Bouchard/Old user page')
Jaylus toralen -> Jaylus Toralen (Old User Page moved to 'User:Jaylus Toralen/Old user page')
Johnplayernotspecial -> JohnPlayerNotSpecial
Jurius doctor -> Jurius Doctor (Old User Page moved to 'User:Jurius Doctor/Old user page')
Kampiotis thellere -> KAMPIOTIS Thellere
Karol ger -> KAROL GER
Kj fluwell -> KJ Fluwell
Kadin arbosa -> Kadin Arbosa (Old User Page moved to 'User:Kadin Arbosa/Old user page')
Kalaya corin -> Kalaya Corin (Old User Page moved to 'User:Kalaya Corin/Old user page')
Kalen tsero -> Kalen Tsero (Old User Page moved to 'User:Kalen Tsero/Old user page')
Knightguard fury -> KnightGuard Fury
Krak oziane -> KraK Oziane
Lenai chelien -> Lenai Chelien
Lessei moondancer -> Lessei MoonDancer
Lightsong the bold -> Lightsong the Bold
Lillik eoner -> Lillik Eoner (Old User Page moved to 'User:Lillik Eoner/Old user page')
Little fawn -> Little Fawn (Old User Page moved to 'User:Little Fawn/Old user page')
Loganxg -> LoganXG
Luc arbosa -> Luc Arbosa (Old User Page moved to 'User:Luc Arbosa/Old user page')
Lucianusluciferus -> LucianusLuciferus
Mackenzie shepard -> Mackenzie Shepard
Mar vin -> Mar Vin (Old User Page moved to 'User:Mar Vin/Old user page')
Marius labo -> Marius Labo (Old User Page moved to 'User:Marius Labo/Old user page')
Matt mustang -> Matt Mustang (Old User Page moved to 'User:Matt Mustang/Old user page')
Mav2k -> Mav2K
Mei isii -> Mei Isii (Old User Page moved to 'User:Mei Isii/Old user page')
Mike eventide -> Mike Eventide (Old User Page moved to 'User:Mike Eventide/Old user page')
Mirraq1 -> MirraQ1
Natalie rush assene -> NATALIE RUSH Assene
Npulliam -> NPulliam
Nanocube -> NanoCube
Notnearly onenough -> Notnearly OnEnough
Oxandbucks2 -> OXandBUCKS2
Octavius vulcan -> Octavius Vulcan (Old User Page moved to 'User:Octavius Vulcan/Old user page')
Palja kurman -> Palja Kurman (Old User Page moved to 'User:Palja Kurman/Old user page')
Pitheas attikos -> Pitheas Attikos (Old User Page moved to 'User:Pitheas Attikos/Old user page')
Porsche amarr -> Porsche Amarr (Old User Page moved to 'User:Porsche Amarr/Old user page')
Professor academiac -> Professor Academiac (Old User Page moved to 'User:Professor Academiac/Old user page')
Qwer stoneghost -> Qwer Stoneghost (Old User Page moved to 'User:Qwer Stoneghost/Old user page')
Raahi mehra -> Raahi Mehra (Old User Page moved to 'User:Raahi Mehra/Old user page')
Rafnar caldon -> Rafnar Caldon (Old User Page moved to 'User:Rafnar Caldon/Old user page')
Revain fehrnah -> Revain Fehrnah (Old User Page moved to 'User:Revain Fehrnah/Old user page')
Richards rall -> RichardS Rall
Rolling dices -> Rolling DIces
Sam note -> Sam Note (Old User Page moved to 'User:Sam Note/Old user page')
Sami en steele -> Sami en Steele
Scalpskinner -> ScalpSkinner
Sightseeraz -> SightseerAZ
Sikandar cole -> Sikandar Cole (Old User Page moved to 'User:Sikandar Cole/Old user page')
Sky ofblue -> Sky OfBlue
Sparkles tarbosaurus -> Sparkles Tarbosaurus (Old User Page moved to 'User:Sparkles Tarbosaurus/Old user page')
Symbolicdeath -> SymbolicDeath
Tesler en welle -> Tesler en Welle
The pitbull -> The PitBull
Tig o bittys -> Tig o Bittys
Torg navatin -> Torg Navatin
Torr victros -> Torr Victros (Old User Page moved to 'User:Torr Victros/Old user page')
Twilightsazuka -> TwilightSazuka (Old User Page moved to 'User:TwilightSazuka/Old user page')
Ulrik elristan -> Ulrik Elristan (Old User Page moved to 'User:Ulrik Elristan/Old user page')
Vonkiegr8 -> VonkieGr8
Vorkan dosja -> Vorkan Dosja (Old User Page moved to 'User:Vorkan Dosja/Old user page')
William lyon mackenzie -> William Lyon Mackenzie (Old User Page moved to 'User:William Lyon Mackenzie/Old user page')
Xsaufsoldatx -> XSauFSoldatX
Xxxroninxxx ran -> XXXroninXXX ran
Yoojin moon -> YooJin Moon
Zako maken -> Zako Maken (Old User Page moved to 'User:Zako Maken/Old user page')
Zebulon tucker -> Zebulon Tucker (Old User Page moved to 'User:Zebulon Tucker/Old user page')
Zkadon estemaire -> Zkadon Estemaire (Old User Page moved to 'User:Zkadon Estemaire/Old user page')
Categorizing Wiki Pages Using Templates

Evon prompted me to add a rule to the UniWiki:Categorization guidelines that states you should "Categorize an article by writing wikitext in the article. Do not categorize articles using Templates outside Category:Maintenance templates."
Since the overwhelming majority of Templates are constructed and maintained by the Wiki Department, this guideline will effect few editors.

This guideline aims to:
  • make Categories more obvious by placing them on a Page as wikitext
  • allow ArinBot to remove or restructure the Category more easily
  • prevent inappropriate articles and non-article Pages such as Sandbox Pages from getting added to the Category

I've enforced this guideline by deleting all transcludable Categories from all Templates outside Category:Maintenance templates and added these Categories as wikitext on each individual Wiki Page.

EVE University On The Wiki

I strongly encourage EVE University Directors and Managers to use the Wiki. The Wiki can offer:
  • a vibrant collaborative editing environment where any capsuleer can extend, enhance and update your work
  • thousands of pages that already explain difficult concepts step by step
  • a powerful styling syntax
  • ready-made templates to show off and enhance your work

However, if you find the Forum or Discord more useful, you needn't use the Wiki beyond maintaining the Pages assigned to your Directorate or Department. You can find the Pages assigned to your Department on the Template:EVEUniversityNav.

The Template now also displays a reminder that "Before making non-minor edits to a page listed below, contact the EVE University department responsible for that page. If no department is responsible for a page, contact the Wiki Department.".

If a Wiki Page assigned to your Department is Protected, consider lifting the Protection so that other members of your department can help you maintain the Page.

Distinguished Wiki Editors

A big thank you to:
This month I was overjoyed to see so many editors updating the Wiki! Let's make the Wiki the most beautiful and the most truthful publicly available knowledge repository in all of New Eden! :)
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