State of the Wiki: September Report

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State of the Wiki: September Report

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State of the Wiki: September Report

Deleting Category:Syllabi

Before being deleted, Wiki Pages go though a two-tier approval process. Syllabus Pages went through four tiers:
  • Evon suggested the deletion
  • Anidien agreed to it
  • Uryence approved it
  • I execute the deletion, acting out the Will Of The CEO

As a staunch archivist of knowledge, I could have blocked it all, but I've taken into account that:
  • the Syllabus was retired in 2018
  • today CORE and non-CORE classes fully replace Syllabus Pages
  • State Of The Wiki: May Report, last section, The Will Of The CEO says: "Lean more towards deleting rather than archiving Pages"
  • during the thirty hour grace period, no person from the Wiki Department raised any objections

A month later and I am yet to regret my decision. On the contrary! The previous Director of Education and the previous CEO of EVE University came to thank me personally. :)

A huge thanks to Evon and Salartarium for fixing and deleting the broken red links.

Renaming Industrials to Haulers

Just like Planetary Interaction was renamed to Planetary Production was renamed to Planetary Industry, Industrials were renamed to Haulers. Seemingly trivial naming changes are a massive disruption as they cause hundreds of Wiki Pages to simultaneously go out of date.

However, Evon and Erwin have done an awesome job renaming and cleaning up all mentions of Industrial (ship) and replacing it with the word Hauler.

Although these changes are not under an umbrella of an official UniWiki:Project, they require so many days and people that it is well worth praising in a Wiki Report.

Wiki Software Update

The Director of Information Services Bates Larsson will update the Wiki's MediaWiki software in the coming months.

To make sure the updates don't break the Wiki:
  • I've confirmed that the currently installed Extensions are compatible with MediaWiki version 1.35.X
  • Raynath has confirmed that the current Wiki theme is compatible with MediaWiki version 1.35.3

The software update will also bring two new exciting extensions:
Grand Ideas And Wiki Projects

What do these statements have in common?
  • "I want to publish a list of all ships, their roles and fittings."
  • "I'll rewrite the Wiki editing guide."
  • "This is how the Wiki sidebar should look."

They take weeks to complete, multiple people, effect more than a hundred Wiki Pages or come in conflict with Wiki Ideals.

Grand Ideas most often come into conflict with two Wiki Ideals:
  • Cost Of Perfection Is Infinite
  • Balance Tradition And Innovation

Once the Wiki Ideal conflicts has been resolved, the Grand Idea has to be molded into a UniWiki:Project.

Therefor, if you are a bright eyed and ambitious Wiki editor who wants to:
  • feel a sense of achievement
  • point to a project they've completed
  • lead, design and implement a solution to a complex problem
  • have experienced editors help or mentor you

... visit the UniWiki:Projects and sign your name to a Wiki Project.

EVE University Wiki Pages

EVE University Wiki Pages are listed in Template:EVEUniversityNav.

The Template interlinks Pages, shows the breath of EVE University services and makes it clear which EVE University Department and Directorate is responsible for maintaining a Page.

Before editing an EVE University Page contact a staff member of the Department responsible for that Page. If they can't be reached or are unsure about accepting your changes, both of you should feel free to contact the Wiki Department.

Wiki Page Redirects

Redirects are Wiki Pages that have a name and a pointer to another Wiki Page.

Redirects are often created after a Page is archived, moved or renamed to make finding the moved Page easier. Once readers become accustomed to the new Page location, a Redirect is deleted.

However, there are good reasons not to fix or delete a Redirect.

For more information, see Talk:Marauder.
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Re: State of the Wiki: September Report

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Thanks for this update, and for all the work the team puts into the wiki! Good luck with the update, I've managed MW before and it's scary!
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Re: State of the Wiki: September Report

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Thank you for the update. Your team is doing good work! Thank you.
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