State of the Wiki: August Report

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State of the Wiki: August Report

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State of the Wiki: August Report

Repairing Template:TOC

The table of contents allow users to quickly navigate the Page and get a sense of what the Page is about. However, if the Page has lots of sections and they are deeply nested, the table has the opposite effect: it clutters the Page.

Template:TOC is used to rein in deeply nested and sprawling tables of content. However it never worked because the configuration and styling was not set correctly. This month, the Template:TOC became the third documented Template that depends on the global Wiki configuration and style settings.

If you find that a Template is not working as expected, feel free to contact your closest Wiki Curator.

Project Completed: Perfect Refiner Template

Thank you Evon, Devalt and Anidien for designing and implementing the new Template:Perfect refiner.

Perfect Refine List is a list of volunteers with excellent refining skills who are willing to refine ores for capsuleers. However, because there was no Template, each Refiner formatted their skills, location, cost and last update date according to their abilities making it difficult to parse information.

With the completion of a specialized Template and introduction of conventions for classifying Refiners, capsuleers will be able to get a better sense of the services being offered.

If you are interested in how the Template was designed and implemented visit the Template talk:Perfect refiner.

Meeting The New Director Of Education: Anidien Dallacort

I've first met Anidien as the organizer of the 7 vs 7 Symmetric Box Tournament where, as a first time Logistician, I won 42 to 0, destroyed to lost ships. As a reward I could pick any Tier II Empire Frigate, so naturally I picked my favorite ship, the Sisters of EVE Astero. Anidien pointed out that an Astero isn't an Empire ship, so I picked the Minmatar Assault Frigate Wolf and sold it for its Jita Market Buy Price to help fund my next Astero. :P
What a fool I was. If my love for Asteros wasn't so great, I would have kept the ship and bragged that I received a trophy ship from the Director of Education themselves. :D

Anidien and I also held the latest EVE University CSM Town Hall meeting. I still have the recording. Unfortunately, due to both questions and answers being off-the-rails rollercoasters, the recording is unusable and, if published raw, would break every single EVE University rule and policy.

During the latest Education Directorate meeting:
  • Anidien made sure the Departments have what they need to achieve their ambitions
  • when the question of consolidating information in Google Groups, the Forum or Discord came up I declared: "The Wiki's choice of publishing platform is the Wiki itself." :P
  • Anidien has appreciated and encouraged me to continue publishing these State Of The Wiki Reports

Whenever I initiated a conversation with Anidien they answered promptly and have shown they have great confidence in me doing the right thing. I appreciate their trust and am confident that Anidien will have my back when a crisis rears its ugly head.

New Maintenance Categories

Category:Maintenance is reserved for subcategories used for interwiki communication and coordination of Wiki maintenance.

Evon created new Categories to join them:

Category:Candidates for verification is similar to Category:Needing updates, but of higher priority and specificity.

If you ever wondered how you can help out the Wiki, the Category:Media to transcribe is the perfect place to start.

Damaging And Reprehensible Edits

When you find them, tell me about it, clean them up if you are able and I'll deal with the rest according to the rules, guidelines and traditions of the Wiki set by my predecessors.

I could only find a single instance of vandalism during the whole three year reign of my predecessor, Wiki Manager Rayanth. This is the least appreciated fact about the Wiki.

That is why, on 12/05/2022 I wrote the following Wiki Ideal:
Do Not Trade Liberty For Security

Vandalism is exceedingly rare even though any capsuleer can edit the UniWiki. Embrace this observation. Treat your fellow editors with dignity and assume they have good intentions. Don't prevent editors from contributing by protecting a page.

Protect pages only after vandalism has occurred, not before. When you protect a page indefinitely you take full responsibility for its maintenance because you are now among the very few who can can edit it.
New Wiki Curator

By tradition, the Wiki Department does not recruit. Instead, the Wiki Manager seldom gives out a Wiki Curator award to a capsuleer "... who is eager to go the extra mile to ensure both their own edits and those of others are of good quality, and content are kept up to date.".

I'm happy to announce that I have found a capsuleer deserving of such an award: Salartarium.

Salartarium has:
  • been the subject of multiple State Of The Wiki Reports
  • beautified hundreds of Pages in subtle and graceful ways
  • categorized hundreds of Pages
  • applied Wiki rules correctly, over and over again
  • edited a wide variety of Pages month after month

For these reasons I award Salartarium the 17th Wiki Curator title! :)

Leaps Towards Beauty And Truth

Let's make the Wiki the most beautiful and truthful publicly available knowledge repository in all of New Eden!


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