State of the Wiki: June and July Report

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State of the Wiki: June and July Report

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State of the Wiki: June and July Report

Project In Progress: Replace Icon With File

Template:Icon has 10x CPU time usage than a regular Wiki image link. Hirmuolio took up the project and has already replace the Template on about 75 out of 300 pages.

Cassiel was first to report the CPU time usage difference and I've confirmed their findings. You can read more about it in the State of the Wiki: May Report.
<!-- Measurement with 707 Template:Icon calls
NewPP limit report
Cached time: 20220522160707
Cache expiry: 86400
Dynamic content: false
[SMW] In‐text annotation parser time: 0.001 seconds
CPU time usage: 9.577 seconds
Real time usage: 9.861 seconds
Preprocessor visited node count: 315132/1000000
Preprocessor generated node count: 35331/1000000
Post‐expand include size: 71164/2097152 bytes
Template argument size: 39605/2097152 bytes
Highest expansion depth: 3/40
Expensive parser function count: 0/100
Unstrip recursion depth: 0/20
Unstrip post‐expand size: 0/5000000 bytes

<!-- Measurement with 707 File: references
NewPP limit report
Cached time: 20220522174132
Cache expiry: 86400
Dynamic content: false
[SMW] In‐text annotation parser time: 0.001 seconds
CPU time usage: 1.052 seconds
Real time usage: 1.095 seconds
Preprocessor visited node count: 1430/1000000
Preprocessor generated node count: 2874/1000000
Post‐expand include size: 0/2097152 bytes
Template argument size: 0/2097152 bytes
Highest expansion depth: 2/40
Expensive parser function count: 0/100
Unstrip recursion depth: 0/20
Unstrip post‐expand size: 0/5000000 bytes
New Players Guide to L4 Mission Fleets

Bump up the count of guides on the Wiki, because Elan Vital has published the New Players Guide to L4 Mission Fleets.

Level 4 Missions Fleets are a popular weekly event at EVE University. However, the guide is intended for a general rather than EVE University or Main Community only audience. All capsuleers of New Eden are invited to contribute to the guide and ease their fellow capsuleers into the fun world of social mission running.

Thank you Uryence for improving and Chris for reviewing the guide.

Do you have a guide you'd like to share (I'm looking at you Hippla! :P )? Consider the Wiki as its home. The Wiki can offer:
  • a vibrant collaborative editing environment where any capsuleer can extend, enhance and update your work
  • thousands of pages that already explain difficult concepts step by step
  • a powerful styling syntax
  • ready-made templates to show off and enhance your work

Project Completed: Cleanup Infobox Templates

Thanks to Evon R'al, all Category:Infobox Templates now use the metatemplate Template:Infobox.

For the Wiki reader, not much has changed. Today all Infoboxes have a consistent look, but Evon achieve so much more:
  • styling is now disentangled from content - from nowon you have to worry only about function, not form
  • increased accessibility - you just have to learn how to use one Template, rather than three, to create an Infobox - now that there is only one Template there are plenty of examples on how to use it
  • there is now one consistent way to stack Infoboxes, see Template: - that's Evon's work too!
  • the way for automatic/dynamic list/spreadsheet generation is paved

Already, Evon created new Infoboxes based on Template:Infobox and in record time:

Thank you Ezra for giving Evon and me a helping hand with the Infoboxes and styling.

Stacking Infoboxes and other boxes

Quartermaster's Department is a good example of how a Wiki Template can be used and reused.

See all these boxes with Officer images and names? Those were stacked using Template:InfoboxContainerCSS created by Evon for stacking Infoboxes.

Mission type: Distribution or Courier?

You can find out more about Agent and Mission types on UniWiki:Mission formatting guidelines, Template:Missiondetails and Talk:Missions.

In the grand scheme of things, this topic is completely and utterly irrelevant. So why write about it? Because it gives me an opportunity to remind you about a Wiki Ideal: Cost Of Perfection Is Infinite.
Arguing over conventions or standards or traditions and how they should change and how there are conflicting exceptions to a rule is counterproductive. Standards and conventions are often arbitrary, come from tradition or are best practices learned from experience. They are set to avoid ambiguity and time waste.

Feel free to suggest how they should change, but once a decision has been made, honor it. Don't let the lack of consistency drive you crazy. The UniWiki is vast and ancient.
Community Coordinators

A collaborative publishing platform, the Wiki, is the perfect place to host the visage of EVE University's Community Coordinators!

The Page has been instantaneously integrated into the greater whole of EVE University specific Wiki Pages using the Template:EVEUniversityNav, it uses Template:Infobox coordinator based on Template:Infobox giving it a consistent look and feel and stacked using Template:InfoboxContainerCSS.

It is exceptionally gratifying to see such a complex Pages spawn in such a short amount of time. It shows that investment into technical excellence and an evenhanded application of strict Wiki standards can created wonders of beauty and truth! :)

AIR Career Program

Thank you to Evon, Salartarium, Hippla, Boxor, Erwin and Lanky for writing the AIR Career Program.

May it stand as a testament to the power of collaboration.

If you'd like a more detailed, step-by-step AIR Career Program Guide, be sure to check out the Air Career Programme by Hippla published here on the EVE University Forums.
Hippla regularly checks the Forum Thread and incorporates feedback into it. The Guide is of such quality that I've poked Hippla about publishing it on the Wiki.

Project In Progress: Perfect Refiner Template

Perfect Refine List is a long standing place for capsuleers of New Eden to publish their name if they are happy to reprocess your minerals for you.

Devalt started the ambitious project to create a Template that will harmonize each Refiner's skills, availability, cost, notes, location, last major update date as well as all other information that the Perfect Refiner might want to publish.

See the lively and wonderful Template goal and design discussion on User talk:Template:Infobox refiner.

Remember, the Cost Of Perfection Is Infinite. It is much more important to complete the project, than to give up because you couldn't achieve all your stated goals.

It will be up to Devalt, who took up the Wiki Project, to decide on the design and implementation.

Ideas are cheap. Implementation is costly. The reward for paying the cost of implementation is the power to decide on the trade-offs, goals and design (so long as they don't clash with existing traditions, conventions, rules and Wiki guidelines).

Up-to-date Image Fetching Templates

Thanks to Hirmuolio, you can now use a Template to have the Wiki fetch images for you from the EVE Online Image Service, without you having to re-upload and update the Wiki image every time it changes:

The Templates are highly technical. That is why Hirmuolio wrote and Evon reviewed the How to get ID Guide.

These Templates in no way shape or form replace the old and well tested method of Download-Upload-Link-ing an image. The Template are merely a convenient of handling often changing images on the Wiki.

If you opt for using these Templates, make sure you use them consistently across the whole Page. Don't mix and match Download-Upload-Link and Auto-Image-Fetch methods.

A Flurry of Activity

These months saw a huge flurry of exciting edits:
  • Gate camps and Scouting Pages got a huge update thanks to Uryence - I spy with my little eye that they are also carefully pruning the Solo PvP Page
  • Koddestia is cooking a Template:MasteryTableHead - during the cooking process the unfinished Template spilled out into the Main Namespace, but no worries, it will be mopped up - can't wait to see the final implementation!
  • Salartarium and Erwin are making the Wiki more beautiful and truthful, edit by edit - the range of topics that they touched up is staggering; it includes everything from Ship Pages to EVE Expansion History - keep up the great work!

It is awesome to see so many capsuleers improving the Wiki, for their own benefit and the benefit of others. Hip-hip-hurrah for the Comedy of the Commons! :)
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