State of the Wiki: April Report

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State of the Wiki: April Report

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State of the Wiki: April Report

Maintain A Single Source Of Truth: Categories
An excerpt from the future Wiki ideals Wiki Page: Each piece of information should have one and only one home that is kept up-to-date. This applies to templates, categories, pages, sections and paragraphs.

Don't copy and paste. Keep the number of templates, categories and rules small, strongly worded and concise. Link and reference.
Previously you could find a Category description on the:

I've archived the Forum thread and merged Category descriptions with those on the Wiki. UniWiki Namespace Page no longer has hundreds of copy-pasted descriptions from the Forum. Instead all Category descriptions are now synchronized using trasclusion.

Transclusion revealed that there were important differences between the three Category descriptions. Whatever is true and most up to date is written on the individual Category Pages.

New Wiki Curator

Last month's Wiki Event was a thinly veiled attempt to find the next Wiki Curator. By tradition, the Wiki Department does not recruit. Instead, the Wiki Manager seldom gives out a Wiki Curator award to a capsuleer "... who is eager to go the extra mile to ensure both their own edits and those of others are of good quality, and content are kept up to date.".

I'm happy to announce that I have found a capsuleer deserving of such an award: Evon R'al.

Evon R'al:
  • has a beautiful User Page and Sandbox
  • is not a member of EVE University
  • has taught me tips and ticks, as well as politely and privately pointed out how I can better adhere to my own Wiki ideals and guidelines
  • is the winner of the previous Wiki Event, but also attended a Wiki Event before the previous one
  • is cooperative and helpful, leading discussion about renaming Industrials to Haulers on Discord to getting Uriel's Uni Abyssal track ready for Wiki publication to reworking the Template:Lex used by EVE Lexicon
  • has greatly improved the documentation of many Template
  • has acted responsibly when given temporary Administrator Wiki rights while I was absent

For these reasons I award Evon the 16th Wiki Curator title! Welcome to the ivory tower! :P :) hahahahahaah

Gas Nebulae, Navbox and Flatlist Templates

Ezra Salaz and Evon R'al cooperated on the Template:GasNebulaeNav redesign. Ezra determined when the Template overlaps with the Infobox Template on Gas Cloud Pages. Ezra and Evon re-implemented the whole Template using the brand new Template:Navbox and Template:Flatlist.

Thank you Ezra and Evon! :) The two of you have paved the way for Navigational Template standardization.

Raynath might no longer be Wiki Manager, but their Upgrade the infrastructure goal is immortal. The Navbar and Navbox projects were started by my predecessors in 2015 and 2013, but their vision was never realized due to technical barriers and overwhelming complexity.

I took it upon myself to finish what they started and from today I'm proud to offer all Wiki editors new tools for Navigational Template creation and harmonization.

Template: list all my subpages!

To promote the idea of using private User Namespace Sandboxes and the public Sandbox I've created the Template:List subpages.

It displays an alphabetical list of subpages of a Page. It is perfect for all of us who love creating subpages in our User Namespace as well as for helping readers navigate UniWiki:Manual of Style Pages.

Deleting Candidates For Deletion

It is the duty of a Wiki Manager to occasionally delete Wiki Pages in Category:Candidates for deletion. In this duty I received lots of help from Evon who helped me review if these candidates should truly be deleted, sent to the Archive Namespace or spared.

More than two hundred Pages and Files were sent to the incinerator. I'll try to make a habit of deleting and archiving Pages every three to six months... unless Evon beats me to it. :P

Uriel's Uni Abyssal Track On The Wiki

I'm delighted to announce EVE University's own Uriel Tkarmminni, an expert Abyssal Runner, writer of the Uriel's Uni Abyssal Track and Teacher, has publishing their Abyssal Guide on the Wiki. :)

Uriel's Uni Abyssal Track:
  • is a one year old, battle tested guide
  • is a basis for EVE University Classes and Workshops
  • has been kept up-to-date through many patches

The Wiki welcomes all high quality up-to-date guides. I wish Uriel and their Abyssal guide the same fame as Chris Halsky's excellent The Ploy: How to get 5.0 Faction Standing with all Empires. You can read more about how The Ploy was written in Making of The Ploy.

Thank you Uryence, Evon and Chris for preparing Uriel's Forum guide for Wiki publication in record time. :)

Do you have a guide you'd like to share? Consider the Wiki as its home.
The Wiki can offer:
  • a vibrant collaborative editing environment where any capsuleer can extend, enhance and update your work
  • thousands of pages that already explain difficult concepts step by step
  • a powerful styling syntax
  • ready-made templates to show off and enhance your work
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