Guide: Making a Navigational Template

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Guide: Making a Navigational Template

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Guide: Making a Navigational Template

Templates are reusable Pages that are transcluded or substituted into other Pages. Category:Template lists all Wiki Templates. They are subcategorized according to the Report: The State of Wiki Templates and their Categories. Among these Template Categories is Category:Navigational Templates.

What are Navigational Templates?

Navigational Templates group links of related Pages to assist capsuleers with finding Pages of interest. Other types of Page navigation are See Also Sections, Category Pages and the Search function.

There are two major kinds of Navigational Templates, Sidebars and Navboxes:
Template Page Location Layout Best for Amount per Page
Sidebar Top right Vertical Few directly relevant links One
Navbox Bottom Horizontal Many links, few subcategories Many

Without Navigational Templates capsuleers would have to wade through hundreds of Categories and links to find a Page of interest. However, not all Pages should have a Navigational Template either.

Should you create a Navigational Template?

Before creating a Navigational Template consider:
  • Are there only a few Pages you want to link together? Use regular links or See Also Section instead.
  • Are there arbitrarily many Pages you could add to your Navigational Template? Reduce the scope of your Template.
  • Are you linking to websites outside the Wiki? Use the External Links Section instead.
  • Is adding the Template to a Page going to create a Page that is more Navigational Template then content? Leave that Page out of the Navigational Template or add it to an existing Navigational Template.

Example: Creating the GettingStartedNav Navigational Template

CCP announced that a new Tutorial has arrived. The Tutorial wasn't part of any Navigational Template. In fact, few Pages in the Category:Getting Started were part of a Navigational Template. That's a good indicator a new Navigational Template is needed.

First, I picked a subset of Category:Getting Started Pages which I though were geared towards the newest spacefaring capsuleers. I choose 25 Pages:
Alternate characters
Building mission bases
Career Agents
Character Creator
Cloak trick
Combat Primer for Complete Beginners
Corporate contracts
EVE Lexicon
Fitting ships
Getting Started
Guide to combat sites
Jump clones
Managing Your Assets
Manual piloting
Mining Primer for Complete Beginners
New Player
New Player Index
Pod saving
Skills and learning
The Blood-Stained Stars
Tips and Tricks
Tips for New Players

I had to decided on the type of the Navigational Template: Navbox or Sidebar. I chose a Navbox because some of those 25 Pages already had a Sidebar and 25 links is quite a lot. For reference, Template:AmarrEpicArcNav has 30 links. It is quite large for a Sidebar.

I skimmed thought each Page and then decided if it is about:
  • Getting Started in EVE Online
  • Careers
  • Tips and Tricks

Then I sorted the links within each group by what I thought you should read first.

After I was happy with how the links were sorted from left to right I started adding the Navigational Template to all the Pages listed on the Template. If I put the Navigational Template into Pages it doesn't link to then the capsuleer can't get back to the Navigation Template without pressings the "Back" button in their Internet browser. That's an inconvenience we can avoid. ;)

In the end, I wrote the Template Documentation to make sure everyone knows the intent behind the Navigational Template. :)


Navigational Templates are among the easiest Templates to make. There are plenty of examples. If you'd like to create a Template and need a few extra pointers, contact me. I'm always happy to help those who want our Wiki to be the most truthful and the most beautiful publicly available knowledge repository in all of New Eden. :)
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Re: Guide: Making a Navigational Template

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What would we do without you? <3
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Re: Guide: Making a Navigational Template

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Aaaaaaaaw! :) You say the sweetest things! :)

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