Post 2015.08.21 15:28

Re: Spend a year on an alt or buy a carrier pilot?

Rashar Arji wrote:My filters when I looked for my dread alt ....
Thank you Rashar.

Aren Dar wrote:*where* do you hope to fly them, lowsec, nullsec, wormhole space? Because each of those will prioritise some skills somewhat differently depending on the local environment (jump skills are most important in null, and least important in w-space, T2 triage and generally perfectly fit carrier is most important in w-space).

Also, if you like logistics *that* much then there is nothing to say that you shouldn't train it on your main. What else would you want to fly in the interim that training for a carrier is going to stop you from flying? If the answer is 'very little' then nothing is preventing you from training your carrier on your 'main'.

Ultimately 'main' vs 'alt' is all a matter of perspective anyway.
Null primarily (Isn't that where CCP wants us all to go?) but I wouldn't mind being able to dabble in w-space if help was needed and I could get there.

The main reason I was looking at an alt to do carriers was to continue the train on my main to fully finish subcaps.

In some distant future, don't I want two ratting carriers anyway (main and alt) along with an exit cyno alt? :)