Post 2020.01.18 17:56

Carrier Discussion

Hey guys,

So I started playing eve about 8 or more years ago and have been on a 6 year break and just started playing again about a month ago.

My dream ship since I first started was the Chimera. I finally got the skills for it last week, had one built at the NSC, and just now assembled it, ta-da:




I have already been warned countless times already that E-U doesn't really do capital ships, so you don't need to give me that whole bit again. I just wanted to finally own it and do some ratting with it now and again.

Anyway, I was thinking, what if we did start to support capital ships in a limited way? I would even be willing to spearhead a carrier sub-group or something like that, but seeing as how I have only *just now* assembled my first carrier, I'm probably not the best one to lead such a venture. I have been getting advice from a couple corp members and a guy named Wiggles on how to rat as safely as I can with it in nullsec, but I would like to try some player-v-player combat with it at some point, and if there are other corp members that can fly carriers or can fly ships to support them, that would be pretty cool, no? I mean, the chimera cost me 1.1bil, which is basically nothing when I have lost 3x 4bil Rattlesnakes in the first month I started playing again, so isn't it really down to the individual if they are willing to risk the loss or not? I mean, I just want to play and have fun - I've been told a lot I should "get X carrier" instead, and I just think.. but why? I like the Chimera and I want to play with it. I swear, some people would fly around in a grey box if it had better stats than another ship - that's not me - I do what I find fun, it's a game, I'm not gonna cry if I get killed in it, I'm a grown man for petes sake.

Anyway, the point of this topic is mostly to see if there's any interest from other members of the corp/alliance that would like to form a small capital ship squad of some sort, I mean, why not if that's what people wanna do right?

Anyway I'm not sure what else to say I just wanted to post this publicly and get it out there and see what others feel about it.

At the very least, I just plan to do some ratting in mine now and again, keeping my Gila/Rattlesnake as my main ship, but why not let those that want to form a cap sub-group or something?

Again, I literally just unpacked my ship half an hour ago, so I wouldn't be the best person to lead this charge, but I'm willing to learn and build on that if there is interest.