Post 2018.07.14 21:46

Summer Picket Drive-Incentive

Summer Picket Drive

This is incentive number 2 while were running thin. The summer is historically our slowest time so I'm hoping this will put a little spark in some of our off grid bros.

This is called the summer picket drive and it is also for scouts as well. The rules are simple. Each time you picket or scout for a fleet you will get a point. At the end of the summer which ever off grid bro has the most points will win a t1 BS fully fit or a logi fully fit of their choosing for free from me. To make it even more interesting, if you are the picket or scout for a fleet and you also were the one who formed the fleet you will get an extra point.

-Anyone may participate
-The fleet must actually run a site
-You must email me after you participation in the fleet with what role you did and who the FC was
-If you formed the fleet please include that in your email
-Honor system is in place, don't cheat or you get disqualified
-Contest will run from now until sept 7th (little under 2 months)