[Repeating Event] Incursions Teaching Tuesday

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Comeonnnnnn Sparassid



Post 2018.04.08 20:21

[Repeating Event] Incursions Teaching Tuesday

When: 01:30 EVE-time on Wednesday morning (Tuesday evening in the US timezone)

Location: Details are in the blurb below

Mumble: Incursions Room in the Uni Mumble

Duration: When we get tired

Interested in learning about incursions and getting involved with the incursions community? Come join us as we run the sites!

Details about the event:
Incursions are constantly moving, so to learn our current location, please sign up to the incursions mailing list: “Incursions.E-UNI” and join the in-game chat channel: “Incursions.E-Uni”. If you are having difficulty finding the focus (our location) someone in the chat will be able to guide you to our location!

It is highly recommended that you go over this uni page EVE University Incursion Community to familiarize yourself with what to expect in incursions.

NOTE! This is a regular incursions fleet! The incursion fleet will be running the sites, so it is highly recommended that you bring along a ship to participate. Participation is based on first come, first served but there will also be a wait-list. Everyone is welcome! If you have the skills, and fits to fly any of the on-grid roles, bring along your battleships

If you’d like to look into the minimum skill requirements and fitting requirements, please refer to these pages: Fitting Requirements and Skill Requirements

If you are new and unable to fly the on-grid roles, have no fear! We also have room for a few people to fill the off-grid roles of picket or scout/hacker that even a day-old character can fill. Just like the on-grid roles, the off-grid roles are limited, so come join us on Mumble and check if there's still room for an off-grid. We will do our best to find a role for you, but if too many new people show up we might not be able to. The previously mentioned page contains fits for Hacker/Scouts/Pickets. Grab a shuttle and fly down to us!

Teaching Tuesdays also gives us the opportunity to have some of the newer members of the community try on new roles such as tagging, FCing or any other on-grid role.
Feel free to ask questions about incursions or anything else!

The Incursions community tries to form up every other night, so feel free to join the channel and participate in our almost daily fleets!
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Quinn Sinjin



Post 2018.04.09 17:45

Re: [Repeating Event] Incursions Teaching Tuesday

Hi there, this is a great idea, thanks for putting something official in place! Hopefully I can make the upcoming class though I'm in EvE+1 time zone wise so it's a bit of a struggle for me at that time of night! :D I have done a bit of picketing here and there, but I'm training into the DD role at the minute so I want to learn more about what to expect. See you there hopefully,


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