Running Assaults?

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Post 2018.03.23 17:13

Running Assaults?

Loving running Incursions with EUNI!!! This is one of the things I wanted in EVE since the beginning was high-end fleet PvE content. Vanguards are awesome. But what about running Assaults? When/how often do we do that? I mean from the wiki it looks like we need some numbers (20+ pilots) to do them. Is that why we don't do Assaults more often?

Also, what would be the possibility of us doing Headquarters? Mostly because I just wanna see them :)

Ceilidh Brinalle



Post 2018.03.23 17:26

Re: Running Assaults?

Several issues arise.

First we just dont have the warm bodies. It takes just more people to run assaults (I think safe minimums is 10 DD? Not sure...), and we have nights we cant get a base min 5 for VGS.
Second, it needs more 'high skill' roles in the form of 2 additional logi, and specifically Basi logi. So now we need more hulls as well.
Third, the isk per hour running slow Assaults is roughly equal then it is running fast VGs, and less then running FAST VGs.
Fourth, the picket situation is even further expanded, as there are less AS focuses then VGs, so we get less choice in system.
Fifth, requires even more raw SP to do, with the mostly required need for MWDs.
There is no sixth
Seventh, We are for the most part lazy, and most of us live doing VGs because they are 'easy'.

No, its highly unlikely E-uni will ever be able to field an entire HQ fleet on its own, never mind have it be able to not get contested into station by a larger, faster, public community. I highly recommend checking out Warp to Me and The Vahalla Project for HQ fleets, both are pretty new-bro friendly.
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