Post 2018.03.12 14:51

[AAR] Saturday SSF fleet

Just a quick post to list some information about the SSF fleet ran this past weekend. As the logi pilot recalls ...
  • Drugs were strongly recommended for DD.
  • Since with Biology 5, the drug effects lasted 60 minutes, we ran for 60 minutes at a time with a break after.
  • We ran 2 sixty minute runs. 14 sites each time. Site times were close to 4 minutes, but i don't think we broke that barrier.
  • We ran heavy with a single logi. (1 logi, 1 booster, 2 vindi, 2 mach, 6 nightmare).
  • Logi only drew agro once in each 60 minute run. Nightmares locked up and kept Grune well repped.
  • DD were encouraged to overheat AIF a cycle if they got agro with a full wave, but i don't know how often they did.
  • Nightmares might have been throwing a few reps in other times. Didn't track that.
  • Logi only went full reps once (4 reps + bots) if I recall. That was because SOMEONE got to the gate early and took the gate well before the rest of the fleet. (Racing to get in first isn't a great idea.) Still didn't dip into armor or get real dangerous.
  • Part of the time we operated with fast warps. Only ship without warp speed boost exempted from fleet warp and fleet warped at 2.26 AU/s.
In all, a good time was had. Thanks to Kale for setting this up.

Oh, and SSF doesn't necessarily stand for anything. My suspicion is "Senile Senior Flycatchers".