Post 2017.08.18 14:20

Friendly reminder about Lyavite.

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There has been some confusion regarding Lyavite recently, so I figured I'd share with you the official stance on it as well as remind people about the fact that charity is given, not demanded. For those unfamiliar with Lyavite, see Lyavite in Incursions for an overview.

Charity is given, not demanded:

What I mean by this is that it's important to remember that charity is a choice for people; they decide if they want to donate lyavite, a ship or whatever to a fellow unista. It's not a mandate, it's not something you can expect of people and certainly not something you should ever demand of someone else. There's a huge difference in encouraging people to help each other and to demand that they offer things for free to you (that you spent time and resources making).

Handing out lyavite for free:

Some people hand out lyavite for free when fleets are forming. Some out of charity, some because it simply benefits them as well (they will be able to benefit ISK-wise from that lyavite when it's used too, if they are in fleet). Regardless of the reason they decide to hand out their lyavite for free, it's important to remember my point about charity; they decide to give it out for free. So in the context of our community, it's perfectly fine to decide to give away lyavite for free, but you're not required to and nobody should ever make you feel bad if you decide not to, or ask for a reasonable price.

Putting up lyavite-contracts in the focus:

Assuming the reasonable prices of 800k - 1 million is used, it's perfectly fine putting up lyavite on contracts to unistas (although I'd argue you might as well make it a normal public contract for better visibility and availability to their alts). Since each stack nets the buyer at least 9-10 million and the whole fleet 100+ million, this is also perectly acceptable and helpful to our community. People who don't have lyavite can easily grab a stack off of contacts and not have to worry about carrying their own to and from the focus. The price itself is, as mentioned above, is trivial given how much it ends up paying you as well as the rest of the fleet. The rate of interest is basically 100-fold.

Examples to put this into context:

Let's say the Amarr Mining Campus swings by to mine out some Lyavite for us. Do we expect them to mine it and donate it to us for free? Our pickets and scouts, do we expect them to keep us safe and help us make money for free? If it isn't obvious to everyone yet, the answer to all of those questions is a resounding "No!", We of course pay them all.

For a more university-wide example, look how things are done with the BLAP-doctrine; they encourage people to buy or produce those fits and put the up for a reasonable price on contracts. So while EVE University itself have a lot of stuff for free, skillbooks, smaller ships and assorted modules for newbies etc, individual unistas are never expected to simply hand things out for free, out of their own pocket.

Short summary:

+ Feel free to to give stuff out for free.
+ Feel free to not give stuff out for free or ask for a reasonable price.
+ Feel free to tip people giving you stuff for free
+ Feel free not to tip people giving you stuff for free.

- Don't expect people to give you stuff for free.
- Don't demand that people give stuff out for free.
- Don't make people feel bad for not giving stuff out for free.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about this :)