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Slack for the EVE University Incursion Community

What is Slack?

Slack is a great tool for pulling in people who might not have time to monitor the ingame channel. So when we decide to start forming to run, we ping the #pingfleetforming channel with a message saying we're forming (or a time we plan to form), so people know when to show up. Any questions or follow-ups should be taken to the appropriate #talkaboutpings channel, as the dedicated ping channels are there so people can set them to more forcefully notify them of fleets forming.

We also use it as a general chat, especially for people who are stuck at school or working.

Joining the Incursion Slack:

Disclaimer: Since the community is leaderless at the moment, you can get invites from Turlough Dominian for the time being.

Slack uses email adresses to register, so in order to get an invite you'll need to send the community leader an EVE-mail, a forum PM or a message on a different slack you're both a member of, letting them know which email you want to be tied to your incursion slack account.

For your own safety, try to avoid using an email adress with your real life name and also don't use the same email adress as you use for EVE ... ideally use or create a throwaway email for similar services such as this. If you're already on other uni-slacks you can favourably reuse the same e-mail adress you used for the other slack(s).

Setting up Slack:

Once you've received an invitation email, it'll direct you to the following webpage, On that page you'll sign up with a username and a password. Your username should be your character's full name, without blankspace. For example,

As for the rest of the information, we recommend that you avoid filling in any of the real life information that you'll be prompted. There's no point adding skype, phone numbers or anything like that, leave those blank. For your avatar, download your portrait from EVE Avatars, EVE Online Image Server or EVE Gate.

Slack in a browser:

You can easily and conveniently use slack in a modern day browser, in a single tab and manually changing from one slack to another, or simply open up multiple tabs (one for each new slack). If you need help setting things up, I recommend you go to the #scripts channel and type incursion setup for this:
slackbot Custom Response Welcome to EUNI Incursion Slack! To receive pings you must set up your notifications. First, open your preferences (lower left corner, click on your portrait) and select "Desktop Notifications: Only for Highlight Words and direct messages". If you use Internet Explorer you can't use this feature. Pick a sound that you like you at the bottom.Then, simply go the #pingfleetforming channel (you'll see it in the left-hand bar), click the arrow at the top and select "Channel notification preferences...". Select: "Show desktop notifications for messages in #ping: For all activity" and "Send mobile push notifications for messages in #ping: For all activity (default)" if you want to receive mobile notifications. Repeat the process for any other channels you wish to subscribe to.

Slack's dedicated app:

There are both PC apps as well as mobile apps for slack. You can also type in incursion mobile for some help regarding the mobile app:
slackbot Custom Response Start by getting one of the apps here: Once that's done, you'll need to configure your mobile app to not ping every time somebody says something. Go to your notification page here: Scroll down to the "Mobile Push Notifications" area and select "Send me push notifications for: Only Direct Messages & Highlight Words". After, scroll down again to "Channel Specific Settings". Add #pingfleetforming (and any other channels you wish to follow) as a channel and select "Everything" for both platforms. Configure the "Mobile Push Timing" setting to your liking.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread.