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When to specialize and alt up?

Posted: 2023.03.07 20:36
by Tomlin
Hi All

I'm freshly past my 1-month age and approaching the 5 mil skill point level, and I'm starting to wonder if I've wasted a fair few skillpoints along the way. I've put a fair bit into mining, exploration, the magic 14, and now working on some specialized combat and fleet ship skills. I get that the first few months of playing are supposed to be about finding what you like, and I think that's been going well. Just overall this skilling spread is starting to feel quite inefficient as I know any of these paths could take a full year of focused skilling to fully optimize and aren't feasible to do well all on one character.

So when does it make sense to make an alt? And what makes it worth being just a separate character or full account? I'm intrigued by a PI alt but know that needs omega, so perhaps that's worth doing on my own account (and investing in MCT or delaying my main's skilling up?).

And what about vested skill points in skills I no longer plan to pursue on my main. Is it worth trying to save up for a skill extractor to clear out some of the mining or exploration skills and then just make alts dedicated to those?

Any general recommendations? Am I just trying too hard to min-max skill points perhaps?

Re: When to specialize and alt up?

Posted: 2023.03.11 13:17
by Kovoo
I would try not to worry about min-maxing. Unless you are Alpha, all you arguably 'lost' was the training time. If you are Alpha, there are so many artificial limits due to Omega locked skills that you can't be perfect anyway. There's literally years worth of training open to you, and training doesn't get less efficient with time. It sounds like you can now switch between several different activities, and since you have already trained them there's a low barrier to jump from one activity to another.