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Newbie Masterplan to October 2023

Posted: 2022.08.18 17:02
by Pynt Flac Issier
Ahoy Lovelies!

Here's what I've done/come up with since main birth on 2 August:

Alt on main account (Omega) - Miner 4 days into a 60-day plan to git gud for exhumers, production, reprocessing etc. Will leave alone until complete, unless it's worth coming on stream to join Uni fleets and get involved.

Alt on second account (Omega - started +1 mil SP) - Orca Pilot aiming for alt miner and fleet support - 4 days into a 50-day plan to reach Orca Mastery III. Will leave alone as above.

Main (Omega - started +1m SP) - 15 days old. Decent early investment in skill injection now at 15m SP. Uni skill plans complete: Short, Pyramid (genius) - L1 Fitting/Weapon Upgrades; L2 Tackle, L2 Tank, L2 EWAR; L3 Gunnery & T2 Turrets (Hybrid Small + Medium), L3 T2 Drones (Medium to V, Large to IV).
L4...decided to aim at EWAR/secondary Tackle = 1 day into 422-day plan for Arazu L5 (LI, II, III complete). Can fly a lot of stuff but will pick up smaller ships mastery en route, e.g. Maulus L4 mastery will be complete in a couple of days and Keres will be flyable and mastery L4 complete tomorrow. And on we go...

Does any of that sound mental? Any comments and suggestions received with thanks.

Pynt x

P.S. I have flown no fleets except one lesson and have done no PVP at all.

Re: Newbie Masterplan to October 2023

Posted: 2022.08.18 17:09
by Koris the Second
Hey there! I'll go through your ideas character by character and provide you with my two cents. :)

Alt on main account: Re-think your reprocessing skill. You need it for some of the mining stuff, but if you really want to reprocess yourself I'd...reconsider. E-UNI has a variety of "perfect refiners", people who trained those skills to their maximum levels so you don't have to. Unless you want to become one yourself it's a waste of SP to train them above the required minimums.

Alt on second account: Take another look at the "mastery levels". For the Orca it recommends "Magnetometric Sensor Compensation III", which is...really not worth the SP unless you encounter loads of ECM. It also wants "Electronic Warfare IV", which you really don't need in an Orca, same applies to "Advanced Drone Avionics IV". Some of the drone support skills would also be sufficient at III if your Orca pilot will be a support toon mainly.

Main: Once again, reconsider taking the "Mastery" route. My recommendation: Throw together a fit you want to fly, check what skills it needs, train towards that as the Mastery recommendations are...a bit too broad in my opinion. Also keep in mind to not only focus on one ship (type), Force Recons and EWAR are fun - but also very much PvP focused. You also need to be able to do PvE content solo, that is fly a combat ship which gets things killed by itself.