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Post-BLAP training - 2 months

PostPosted: 2020.06.10 13:47
by Viktor Hochberg
Hey everyone,

Wanted to share a few thoughts on what to follow after finishing BLAP and am currently training Magic 14 up to IV, plus a couple of skills for the upcoming Summer Camp. Following some advice I got, I'll be only jumping on to M14 V on a need basis or if I foresee a long break. I'll also make sure to have the Short Skill Plan in order before I start focusing on other aspects. I think these will enable me to play a role in most fleets.

This is on a character with +4 implants and no remaps.

What feedback am I looking for?

1. This will roughly occupy my next two months after M14 IV. Is this all over the place? Should I train into something else first?
2. Do you think these skillplans accomplish their purpose well? Am I missing anything?

Right now I want to get some ISK making activities before getting too ambitious; I also plan on financing alts. Since my preferred method is exploration and I think Asteros are overpriced, I'm aiming to jump in a Buzzard ASAP. In the meantime it'll unlock some nice Tier 2 frigates that will come in handy for other advanced or specialized roles in Uni fleets. So here it goes:

Advanced Exploration
Caldari Frigate V
Electronics Upgrades IV
Electronics Upgrades V
Cloaking III
Cloaking IV
Covert Ops I
Covert Ops II
Covert Ops III
Covert Ops IV

Total time: 26 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, 56 seconds

I like exploring, but I also like big guns. Once I start making some good exploration money, I'll want to fly a nice battleship. By taking a look at the masteries, and following on the principle that I should at least train any skill I need up to level 3, I devised this plan for flying the Rokh. Why the Rokh? It seems to be fairly versatile, with uses for both PVP and PVE, and it also looks like a tanky baton of destruction and I like that.

Sitting in Rokhs
Caldari Battlecruiser I
Caldari Battlecruiser II
Caldari Battlecruiser III
Caldari Battleship I
Caldari Battleship II
Caldari Battleship III
Shield Compensation I
Shield Compensation II
Shield Compensation III
Electronic Warfare III
Electronic Warfare IV
Advanced Drone Avionics I
Advanced Drone Avionics II
Advanced Drone Avionics III
Drone Sharpshooting III
Drone Durability III
Light Drone Operation II
Light Drone Operation III
Gunnery V
Medium Hybrid Turret III
Large Hybrid Turret I
Large Hybrid Turret II
Large Hybrid Turret III
Sharpshooter III
Motion Prediction III
Surgical Strike II
Surgical Strike III
Controlled Bursts III
Trajectory Analysis II
Trajectory Analysis III

Total time: 13 days, 2 hours, 48 minutes, 25 seconds

Finally, I want to get into Planetary Interaction. While it's outside Viktor's ultimate aims, I found out that it should eventually have PI on all alts. It's more ISK, it's passive, and I feel like learning it.

PI training
Remote Sensing I
Remote Sensing II
Remote Sensing III
Command Center Upgrades I
Command Center Upgrades II
Command Center Upgrades III
Interplanetary Consolidation I
Interplanetary Consolidation II
Interplanetary Consolidation III
Planetology I
Planetology II
Planetology III
Planetology IV
Advanced Planetology I
Advanced Planetology II
Advanced Planetology III
Advanced Planetology IV
Command Center Upgrades IV
Interplanetary Consolidation IV

Total time: 14 days, 7 hours, 42 minutes, 53 seconds

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Post-BLAP training - 2 months

PostPosted: 2020.06.11 00:15
by Anidien Dallacort
For the exploration track - those skills will get you into the hull for sure. But what about the critical skills for exploration itself? Scanning and hacking skills will be the important factor - do you already have high levels in those areas (Astrometrics, hacking, etc - basically everything in the Scanning skill tree other than Survey). I’d say getting those scanning skills up to 4-5 and flying in a tech 1 ship is better than having scanning skills at 2-3 and being in a CovOps - the best sites are going to take scanning skills to scan down and successfully hack.

For the Rokh - again, this gets you into the hull, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Without being able to see some of your other support skills (I.e. Weapon Upgrades) it’s tough to judge this. This puts you in the battleship, but only with Tech 1 railguns - and there’s nothing wrong with that, starting small and improving later isn’t a bad thing. Just be sure to use Pyfa or a similar program to fully fit your intended ship, and be sure you aren’t lacking skill wise on the fit. I have Magic 14 to level V across the board, but can’t fly a lot of combat ships because of the power grid benefits of Advanced Weapon Upgrades, which I don’t have.

PI - Is really recommend Command Center IV - it will open up a lot more possible configurations. Also think about where and how you will do PI - will you need an Epithal to haul? Do you have Gallente Industrial trained?

Overall these three plans get you in the door on these activities, but don’t master them. The three plans don’t have a lot of cohesion or synergy, and certainly don’t have a remap that’s can make them go faster. Do note there isn’t anything wrong with any of that other, a jack of all trades type plan is just fine, and making a short investment to try a few activities is a good thing.

Just don’t forget those activity specific support skills - Magic 14 is the support skills that benefit EVERY ship - but they aren’t every support skill you will need when you start talking more specialized activities.

Re: Post-BLAP training - 2 months

PostPosted: 2020.06.11 10:53
by Viktor Hochberg
Thank you for the feedback.

My scanning skills are between 3 - 4, and they're not part of the plan since I'm already comfortable scanning and hacking level IV sites in nullsec - I'm just not sure about Wormhole space yet. I want to hop in a covops because it'll make it safer for me to spend more time in nullsec and make a few forays into wormholes.

I'm aware that the Rokh is a bit of a wild card here, and I should maybe extend the Rokh training plan to one month of training that will enable me to perform better with it, starting with general skills and then funneling into fit specific skills. On that note, investing a couple of weeks into T2 frigs won't hurt.

Finally, I'm planning to have a trading\hauler alt - I just need to pay for a couple of multiple training certificates, preferably with ISK, since prices seem to be better. I plan to have him do all the buying, selling and hauling for me, and that included PI investments. As far as I know, PI is best done across all characters, so I figured I should have a plan at hand for Viktor.

Perhaps the Rokh plan is the one that should be left alone. I'll make room for Uni doctrines and make sure exploration is profitable enough. Once I get that going, I'll think about battleships - in the end, I'm not even comfortable enough in cruisers yet.

Re: Post-BLAP training - 2 months

PostPosted: 2020.06.11 17:43
by Anidien Dallacort
On the wormhole site scanning - the data and relic sites you would run in J space, are the same as the sites in null sec. the wormhole specific data and relic sites are full of sleeper rats, and aren’t suitable for cov OOS ships. You’ll find the Null sec sites - same scanning and hacking difficulties - in C1-C3 J space.

On PI - alts cannot haul to and from customs offices for you. Only the character that owns the planet, can access and manage the customs offices. In dangerous space, this is the most dangerous part of the task - and if your PI skills are on your main, so too must be the skills that get the goods to and from the planets.