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Spending Bonus SP on Astrometric Rangefinding/Pinpointing V

PostPosted: 2019.12.04 07:55
by Noh Luciola
I've had Astrometrics V along with the associated Pinpointing, Acquisition, and Rangefinding at IV for awhile now but have only recently gotten into the exploration mechanics - I have to admit, it's opened me up to a whole new side of the game.

I'm doing most of my exploration/scavenging in a non-combat (blockade runner) ship; my current skills along with Sister's launcher/probes give me a base core/combat probe strength of 72.6/36.3 respectively. With all the bonus SP to be had as of late (along with a chunk I had leftover from years ago) I can effectively purchase two V level scanning skills (likely Rangefinding and Pinpointing V).

Purchasing these skills would enable me to swap fits on my BR with the associated tech II scan arrays (when the opportunity dictates). These, combined with the level V skill boosts will bring my base core/combat probe strengths up to 82.2/41.1...

Tldr: Is it worth me spending all of my remaining bonus SP on Astrometrics Rangefinding and Pinpointing?

I know part of this will just come down to "do you want to do it" but I'm curious if anyone here has a strong opinion one way or another. One concern is that the boost in probe strength won't make any significant or noticeable difference in the gameplay. Another might be that, since probing down combat sites is not my focus (right now), the higher level exploration sites will not be of much use regardless.

Should I do it???

Re: Spending Bonus SP on Astrometric Rangefinding/Pinpointing V

PostPosted: 2019.12.04 08:00
by Celine en Chasteaux
Why a Blockade Runner?

I'm in an Astero and only have:

Astrometric Pinpointing IV
Astrometric Rangefinding III
Astrometric Acquisition III
Astrometrics IV

and a probe strength of 100. I was getting near 100 with just an Imicus too.
I'll upgrade those when I have a lull in other skills to do, but seem to get on just fine for now

Re: Spending Bonus SP on Astrometric Rangefinding/Pinpointing V

PostPosted: 2019.12.04 09:06
by Ky Hanomaa
You'll find switching from a Blockade Runner to your racial exploration frigate (Heron, Imicus, Magnate, Probe) will boost your scan strength significantly - more than any of the skills at V will. Optionally, you can also go for the Astero or your racial Covert Ops Frigate (Buzzard, Helios, Anathema, Cheetah) which will give you the ability to use a Covert Ops Cloak, letting you stay cloaked while warping around. They will come at a higher price tag though. Take a look at the Bonuses certain ships have - the mentioned frigates above all have a bonus to scan strength. They will serve as a point of reference as to what to use the ship for and how to fit it (in most cases - there are exceptions though). So choosing the right ship for the right task is a thing.

I personally have Astrometrics at V and all the rest at IV and I can scan everything down with relative ease (I live at WHC so I scan on the daily).

Re: Spending Bonus SP on Astrometric Rangefinding/Pinpointing V

PostPosted: 2019.12.04 09:55
by Noh Luciola
Celine en Chasteaux wrote:Why a Blockade Runner?

I'm fitting an expanded launcher (combat as well as core probes) to scavenge in systems while I'm en route on trade runs. BRs have massively more cargo space than even a Stratios but aren't quite as shiny. With an overclocking rig I can just (barely) fit everything I need (tank, ECM, cloak, MWD) on my Crane and still get 5k+ cargo space.

The cargo space allows me to just carry the modules I need along with a mobile depot and swap out fits based on the situation.

I guess what I'd like to know is, given that I am avoiding any sites involving combat, is my current probe strength sufficient or should I be looking for ways to boost it?

(might be a question better asked on an exploration topic)

Re: Spending Bonus SP on Astrometric Rangefinding/Pinpointing V

PostPosted: 2020.01.09 15:54
by Zoltan Irvam

I guess we need to split up this question a bit...

- should you use a BR for what you currently do despite the fact that it has no scanning bonus - it seems yes from what you said you do...

- are Astrometric Rangefinding and/or Pinpointing worth to have at level 5 for you - that is a question only you can answer
- have you had difficulties to scan stuff down in your current fit and skillset? Or is it more a quality of life thing so you can get it done more quickly?

- is it a good idea to use all your free SP to inject these - this really depends on how well or not so well your current mapping is for training those skills to 5. If you have a halfway decent Int at the moment, I would not inject but rather train.