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What skills should I train as a first time Omega?

PostPosted: 2018.12.21 22:31
by Lazarus Larkin
Hello fellow capsuleers. I was wondering if anyone has a skill plan for first time Omega player. Thank you

Re: What skills should I train as a first time Omega?

PostPosted: 2018.12.21 23:32
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
Cloaking. Maybe Resistance Phasing.

Most basic skills are trainable as an alpha, though many of them cap out before 5, and of course you are hamstrung by the 5-million-sp partial ceiling. You are stuck with T1 ships and level 1 industrial skills, so if you know what you like to do in Eve, you should be mashing the "add level 5" button for whatever ship class you want to get T2 hulls for.

Not necessarily only for omegas, just in terms of helpful early skills:
I definitely recommend training the BLAP skills for both logistics and damage-dealer. See: ... ing_Pilots
This will allow you to serve nearly any role on the regular EUni fleets.

After that, there are a few non-BLAP skills that were super helpful when I bought them or ratcheted them up from starting level: Shield Compensation, Gallente Industrial, Cloaking (omega), Social, Negotiation, Connections, Diplomacy, Infomorph Psychology, Thermodynamics, Resistance Phasing (omega), Electronic Warfare, Cybernetics, Tactical Shield Manipulation, Jury Rigging, Biology. Even Contracting (omega), Accounting (omega), Broker Relations were helpful.

Also, there are a few BLAP skills that can help a lot if you train them still higher. Naturally, the Magic 14 help you if you take them to IVs and Vs. But also, Electronics Upgrades, Energy Grid Upgrades, Shield Upgrades, Weapon Upgrades, Advanced Weapon Upgrades.

Really, once you have the BLAP skills trained up, you can experience just about everything the game has to offer. While you are spending a few weeks slowly training the pretty-much-universal stuff I wrote above, you can go nuts around the galaxy sampling every plate of tapas.

You will find a few favorite gameplay types, and a few favorite ships. Then you will know what to train next: shields and missiles? Mining and industry? Armor, drones, and hacking/scanning?? Titans and/or faxes!?! Then add in the appropriate rigging skills, sensor compensation, shield or armor damage type compensation, etc. Pretty soon you'll have a training plan that is many years long (or is that just me?).