New to UNI questions

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Jarlo Foose
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New to UNI questions

Post by Jarlo Foose »

Hey folks – total newbie here looking for some guidance.

Background: Read about EVE Online & stumbled across EVE Uni a couple of weeks ago, signed up with an Alpha clone, and have been digesting wiki pages & YouTube videos ever since. Currently waiting out the 31-day period until I can get the Freshman title and access skillbooks, hangars, & such. Finished the tutorial and cranked through the closest set of career agents. Spent a few ISK on a ship fit or two, and have done some high-sec belt-ratting & exploration (plus a trip or two to low-sec just to see if I could do it without getting killed). Finishing up training the Short Skill Plan in a couple of days.

So what next?

A) The first set of career agents yielded about 15M ISK plus some ships & other items. I understand there are two other locations with equivalent agents. If I finish those, can I expect to yield about the same? Because that seems like a really easy route to 30M+ ISK.

B) Or is that peanuts and (assuming I have *some* idea what I’m doing) should I try low-sec/null-sec exploration/ratting that would be more lucrative? The most I’ve made scanning down & hacking data/relic sites in high-sec is 3-4M per hour, which I gather is not really worth the time. (although maybe that’s not actually terrible for a 2-week old alpha clone newb… I dunno…)

C) Or is there some other activity (say, UNI-organized incursions, etc) that pay better and integrate with the community more?

D) Lastly, based on what I’ve read so far, I feel like I’m looking for the shortest path to the 25M it takes to buy a full set of implants from the +3 implant program because (For an Alpha at least) training time is one of the biggest factors in the game. Is that totally misguided?

I welcome any & all advice/suggestions!! Thanks in advance!
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Arin Mara
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Re: New to UNI questions

Post by Arin Mara »

The first bottleneck will be ISK, then Skill Points than who are you going to hang out with.
  • All Career Agents give the same amount of ISK. Did you try the Sisters of EVE Epic Arc?
  • Mondays and Fridays are days when groups of capsuleers do Level 4 Security Missions. Those are fun.
  • If pure ISK is what you are looking for try the Incursion Community. They make about 80M per hour when you account for travel and Fleet form up time.
  • Mining Fleets, be it asteroid or moon mining, are enjoyable too. Find someone who organizes those and they can even provide you with a payout spreadsheet! :P
  • Exploration is daring and exciting! That's what I do :) I enjoy it the most when I'm in a group with a friend or two and we poke our heads into a Wormhole or go to Null Security Space to scoop up Cosmic Signatures. Low Security Space has a great balance of lucrative and relaxed.
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