Opinions on this skill plan?

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Post 2017.12.10 18:23

Opinions on this skill plan?

I decided to re-arrange my skillplan and get some supporting skills before actually training into Assault Frigates. Could some of you more experienced players look over this and tell me if you think I need to add anything before I jump into in my Enyo?

  • Gallente Frigates V
  • Acceleration Control III
  • Evasive Manuvering IV
  • Propulsion Jamming III
  • Mechanics V
  • Nanite Operation III
  • Nanite Interfacing III
  • Thermodynamics IV
  • Acceleration Control IV
  • Hull Upgrates IV
  • All Armor Compensation skills to III
  • Repair Systems IV
  • Capacitor Management V
  • Capacitor Operations Systems IV
  • Capacitor Emissions Systems IV
  • Small Hybrid Turret V
  • Controlled Bursts IV
  • Motion Prediction IV
  • Sharpshooter IV
  • Rapid Firing IV
  • Small Blaster Specialization IV
  • Signature Analysis IV
  • Assault Frigates IV

There are a few more things I would like to toss in there (like max Armor compensation skills) but my training queue is maxed out, and I think that 55 days is long enough to wait for my first roam with an Enyo.

NB: Most of my basic fitting skills are already at IV or V, and I can use T2 scrams, webs, and MWDs. Drone skills are next in line unless I decide to train into something else.

Noor Moussa



Post 2017.12.11 14:05

Re: Opinions on this skill plan?

I would really consider getting all the skills listed to III to IV instead, it's 80% of the skill effect for 20% of the training. Most of the skills are 1-3x from what I can see so it shouldn't add much time to your skillplan.

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