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[AAR] Tuesday Nullsec Roam #7 - Who lets a blockade stop the fun?

Posted: 2024.07.10 02:49
by Tomlin
Decided to form up this week's fleet in PC9 instead of Jita as planned, since so many were down here for the week of Strat Ops. I also opted to switch to AAFs since those were plentiful on contracts.

We yeeted out with about 18 people in fleet. Top station was camped shortly before we undocked, so I thought we might fight our way out, but we found a gap and just headed out with no issues.

Landed in the pipe in NW Deklein, and I opted to head down towards the SW there. Bit quiet along the way, but we caught a nice Ishtar for a snack.

When we got to TEST staging area, we found a Vargur with a bubble on our gate heading out. They only had ~20 people in local, but I still didn't want to engage a Vargur and then have a standing fleet land on us, so we turned North into the Testagram. I figured we'd try to find some ratters and then filament again, but they decided to come play.

A stiletto was going gate to gate with us for a few jumps, so I called for aggression on it. Another stiletto jumped in, then 2 Feroxes (Feri? Ferixiddle? Ferodimus?) jumped in, and that same Vargur. I called an align out, but did pause for a second to check if the Stiletto had anybody tackled. They didn't seem to as I was about to warp us, but then I saw a Firetail get tackled, so I called for trying to chase off the Stiletto. They all converged on JPNS as we did that, and we were getting shot at range by the Vargur and Feridoodles, so I did call a scatter. Unfortunately they did tackle Gurna as we left too, so we lost our Svipul and one of our three Deacons.

We regrouped on a safe and I polled the fleet on if they were okay to go back in and die fighting if need be, which people seemed happy to do. ChinDown got us a beautiful warp-in so we landed right on top of the Feripods and the Vargur. We primaried one Ferox down quick, then the other, and then switched to the Vargur. One Stiletto got close, so we killed it quick, then stayed on the Vargur.

Since we were so close to their staging, the other Stiletto pilot, and some of the ones we killed, came back in reships. We booshed the Vargur and our fleet off the gate so we had some leeway, and kept plucking away at it. A Broadsword came in, so I called a switch to that and burned it down. There's a chance we could have killed the Vargur here catching it on a reload, but I wanted to take the safer choice.

We kept on the Vargur for quite a while, 16 mins total it looks like going by zkill timelines. We slowly lost a few people to burnt out guns or lucky shots, but kept going. Eventually they came back in with a Jaguar and a Claymore, I told everyone to stay on the Vargur as we had it halfway into hull so just needed to catch it on a reload again. The two Ferimedes came back in as well, and started heading towards us. I told the fleet to be ready to warp out when they got within 40km or so of us. Right around the time they did, the Vargur finally died, so I warped us off to an on-grid tac (well, a friendly pod 200km off).

The jaguar was on top of us and tackled as I warped us off, and we likely could have killed it, but I opted to play it safe and get us some range. The Claymore and Fericles warped off to a structure, so we went back down to loot the field. As we did the Vargur pilot came back in a Retribution, so the fleet made quick work of him again before he could loot his wreck. We took what we could from the field, then headed home through Pochven as it had been a long battle and we were down quite a few people.

Here's the BR here:

Reflections and Learnings

Fun fleet, I'm glad we went out. I was tired after 5 structure defenses yesterday and 1 earlier today, but it was worth doing still. We had some serious staying power in that fight too; it really kept going.

I do regret that we lost JPNS and Gurna so early due to my hesitating on the warp-off. I really didn't want to leave anyone behind, and in doing so, we lost 2 of our more valuable ships instead of some random DPS they may have tackled instead. I think I need to be a bit more heartless and accept abandoning some people :| . I'm really happy we went back in to take the fight (on our terms) and came out victorious.

I want to call out an awesome warp-in from ChinDownEyesUp there. He perfectly timed it so we could warp to him at 50 and land right on top of their fleet. Great job for a 2nd time scout!

Also I completely forgot about our booshing capability, and didn't call for it. Thanks to whoever spoke up and Nys for doing it, as that distance definitely helped us better survive the final seconds we needed to kill the Vargur.


~3.1 bil destroyed and losses of ~385 mil. We also took some small bits of loot out, but nothing substantial, so I just told people to keep whatever they got.