[AAR] GalMil FW: Derping around |29th of May 2023

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Koris the Second
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[AAR] GalMil FW: Derping around |29th of May 2023

Post by Koris the Second »

Roam members (12):

Traven O'Toole
Bruce Wii
Elan Vital
Shaemus O'Conor
Wither K
Ryane Skye

I finally got to it and managed to get my first fleet to undock. I started the formup a bit earlier so we have some time to discuss questions just in case anything happens or is unclear and we went through the usual, fitting rigs, SRP, applying SKINs, enlisting in GalMil and the likes. My 2IC was Elan Vital and I decided not to have a specific scout for the fleet to keep us together for now.

We did not have any people in fleet who were completely new to fleet operations, so a quick refresher of FC commands was sufficient and we did not have an entire new player speech lined up. I gave the fleet a quick rundown on the doctrine and we undocked at around 18:45 EVE if memory serves.

Kills and Losses

Having browsed the FW map I decided to take the fleet through Eugales towards the Vlillirier system, taking us through Renarelle and Aubenall on the way. On the way we found out that two of our pilots forgot to enlist - next time I need to double-check before we leave Stacmon. Either way, we waited for the people to fix their enlistment and the fleet went on to the first system we stayed in a bit longer, Frarie.

To get us at least some payout and action I took us into a complex while talking the fleet through the relevant mechanics - which worked nicely as the system was quiet. After we got our payout we moved to the next system, Renarelle, where we tried our hand at offensive plexing. A fleet member suggested we split the fleet to increase our LP payouts, which we did. Elan as the 2IC picked five people and went to another complex, meanwhile local spiked and a CalMil fleet came into the system. After some intel gathering we concluded they are an Osprey/Navy Osprey comp which I decided not to engage but instead avoid, as I did not see the value of yeeting our fleet at a comp that would easily counter us. Instead, we tried looking for small targets of opportunity, but GalMil had the advantage and the only ships we could take we found were friendly militia members.

Finally, we got to the Vlillirier system. I split up the fleet again, this time into three groups, to grab us some LP while we waited for possible targets. CalMil pilots started entering the system after a while, but they were not in space in any engageable fashion. At this point the fleet was already over one and a half hours old and I decided to take us home. On our way back to Stacmon we did not find any targets of opportunity, so we docked up and the fleet concluded just as Mumble went down. We had a short debrief later, Elan posted the feedback form link and everyone was on their merry way.

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: Infinity.
Efficiency: We even made ISK, take that.
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Shaemus O'Conor
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Re: [AAR] GalMil FW: Derping around |29th of May 2023

Post by Shaemus O'Conor »

Thanks for the fleet Koris.

You did really well especially for your first time as FC: always clear and crisp commands and I always felt like you knew exactly what your next step and the step after would be (to which system to go next, what to do in that system, how to extract, who to engage and equally important who not to engage etc).

Just remember to warp us to 10km in plexes... :wink:

Even if we did not catch anything this time around, we certainly will next time. I am looking forward to more FW fleets from you! :salute:
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