[preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 13-05-21

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Marek Holmberg
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[preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 13-05-21

Post by Marek Holmberg »

Roam members (10)
Albedo183 - Imperial Navy Slicer F1 monkey -> Navigator
Arin Mara - Imperial Navy Slicer 3IC->2IC
Clemence DeGrace 2IC
Kimeemaru - Wolf Navigator
Marek Holmberg - Wolf FC
Mike Kingswell Navigator
Noohya Izia - Imperial Navy Slicer F1 monkey -> 3IC
Raas Caslo - Svipul Prober
Vybez Kartel Fleet-Casanova
Yto Itinen - Stiletto Scout
Kills and Losses

(19:33:29) O-JPKH
Svipul -99.05m
Fleet engaged a Loki that we could not break and when backup arrived we had to leave. Details to follow

(21:12:19) G-YZUX, D-PNP9
Myrmidon +112.6m
Ishtar +305.96m
Myrmidon +145.62m
Fleetmates left and we found content immedietely after... Details to follow

ISK Destroyed: 564,190,383.12
ISK Lost: 99,045,531.04
ISK Delta: 465,144,852.08
Efficiency: 85.066%

Overall evaluation
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    (Negative stuff)
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Arin Mara
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Re: [preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 13-05-21

Post by Arin Mara »

The question of why I don't fly an Imperial Slicer, but an Executioner came up. Again. However, thanks to a discrete one time dispensation made by a certain Teaching Manager who shall remain anonymous that question will never come up again :P Thank you! :)

After a lovely evening of scanning down Cosmic Signatures and waving at Drifter Battleships I settled around the orbit of a Wormhole. The moment of respite was quickly cut by Yto catching a Loki! We rotated on Warp Scramble duty, alternated Overload cycles on Yto's command and kited out the Loki's Heavy Missiles. Unfortunately we did not kill it before their Caracal and Scimitar friends arrived.
Marek convinced the pilot to share their Loki fit with us. It was scandalously overtanked! It was as if it was going to face a wave of 8 CONCORD Marshal Battleships :D

The question of a Dark Background PvP Finder came up. I've made a companion Post on the PvP Finder Thread to discuss it. Previous Navigators have a greater say about what they want for they are the ones that use it the most :)

Once Clemence left the Fleet, Yto went on fire and latched onto all the Ishtars and Myrmidons they could find.

As you can read, it was a Fleet full of superstitious synchronicities! :D Would attend again :P
Arin's Guristas Mission Expedition: Anomic Burners
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