[AAR] NS Gila Gank

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[AAR] NS Gila Gank

Post by Macilles »

Fleet members (14)
Danny Algaert - Deacon x2 Dual boxing logi! Bob is displeased with the lack of Deacon x'ups!
Macilles - Enyo & Sabre FC/Bubbler Dual box
Torg Navatin - Wolf
KraK Oziane - Enyo
Katharina Broodwater - Enyo
Duke Kilrady - Hecate
kpsup - Scout Scout - TY for the content!
kpsup found a ratting Gila in a NS hole 2 jumps from Innu.
The form was relatively fast thanks to Danny offering both deacons.
We formed on .Bacon. FC decided to undock without double checking which ship he is in, so in turn makes the fleet wait for a reship out of the coverter....
The fleet jumped in, sabre warps and the fleet follows shortly after. Sabre lands 16k off, but make it in range in time and Gila is bubbled.
Gila dies, GF's in local and we make our way back.

Kills and Losses

(09:57) Q-CAB2
Gila +199.75m

ISK Destroyed: 199,746,250
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 199,746,250
Efficiency: 100%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
  • Scout was great and had a perfect warp in for the Sabre if I actually used it.
  • Formup was fast.
  • FC'ing with a sabre and dd seems to work ok.
  • Combat Comms was great
    (Negative stuff)
  • Sabre accidently used the bm, that he mentioned wasn't in range.
  • FC landed on formup with a miner....
  • Couldn't get a second deacon x up without Danny dual boxing it.

    Thanks everyone for joining :)
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