[AAR] NullBear Hunt - 2021-04-29

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[AAR] NullBear Hunt - 2021-04-29

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Roam members (14)
Albedo183 - Imperial Navy Slicer
Clemence DeGrace - Imperial Navy Slicer - 3IC/Navigator
Io Dadunur
Jack Colquitt
Johan IV Hilanen - Wolf
John Juulianos
Kimeemaru - Wolf
Luc Arbosa - Svipul - Combat Prober
Marek Holmberg - Wolf - FC
Mike Kingswell - Heretic - Scout/Navigator
Otto Shultz - Wolf
Red Fish
Roscoe Ormand - Imperial Navy Slicer - 2IC
Yto Itinen - Stiletto - Scout
Kills and Losses

(18:25:38) Covryn
Mammoth +46.19m
Imperial Navy Slicer -24.19m

(18:57:00) ZK-YQ3, J164710
Svipul -106.47m
Capsule -0.01m

(21:16:09) RF-K9W
Nemesis +120.93m

(21:32:23) AJI-MA
Retriever +57.95m
Retriever +61.79m
Retriever +61.79m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 348,676,419
ISK Lost: 130,665,085.82
ISK Delta: 218,011,333.18
Efficiency: 72.741%

Overall evaluation
(Positive stuff)
Despite the absence of Arin today, our Navigators did a stellar job looking for content for us.
We got off to a great start with a Low Sec kill on a Mammoth, being able to Steal 3 ships from the loot!

Wormhole scanning was quick and efficient as per the usual. Everyone is getting the hang of it quite well.

In general while a pretty slow burn, we eventually managed to snag a Nemesis with a Polarized Torpedo Launcher and then thanks to some careful herding from Yto, a trio of Retrievers!

(Negative stuff)
Unfortunately due to a potential opportunity to third party on an ESS we spent a bit of a long time in one system that ended up being a bit fruitless, but was worth the wait for a while.

On the whole another excellent and well co-ordinated fleet that managed to snag some content along the way
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