[AAR] LA vs. "Ship Happens"

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Kirby Enyx
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[AAR] LA vs. "Ship Happens"

Post by Kirby Enyx »

Battle Report

Story time with Uncle Kirby
Logged in to empty Innu, no one on comms, no fleet. Both Statics were EOL and a few hours since signatures had been updated. As a few people logged in and joined me we rolled both holes and went about our normal operations. Sparklez jumped new bacon and found a Venture and a scanner (about 80% sure it was a CovOps) on D-Scan, tracked down the venture and I proceeded to meme it with my Battle Prospect for Kill Mark #11. As I went to loot the wreck a Sabre warped in on me, I noped out and called for a AAF form up. Sabre went off D-Scan and we waited on “. Bacon” while Sparklez tried to track them down in this mostly unscanned bacon. Hyperion jumped into us on “. Bacon” as Sparklez called out more ships on the way, I called for a scatter (lost an Enyo to the scatter) and practically begged for someone else to take FC as we needed to upship and I hadn’t FC’d any of our larger doctrines before. Some poor soul was unlucky enough to be entering warp as I called the scatter and was subsequently fed to the enemy. #RIP Boran

Since LA is in it’s last few weeks of SRP eligibility I drew confidence from that and decided that if I whelped the fleet, at least people wouldn’t have to haul in replacements. I managed to get sufficient logi and DD, and someone was kind enough to put out a ping even though I was too scatter brained to consider it. They asked for round 2 in Innu Local and I PM’d to let them know we were interested and would be ready soon, they announced they were in route and we undocked to meet them on “. Bacon”. As we did I realized I hadn’t asked for anything besides DD and Logi but Vex was ready to bring a bubble and was ready to change ships as soon as I confirmed it.

--This is where things started to go wrong –-

Between discussing what I should be doing, people joining from the ping, and reports from the scout the typical breakdown of combat comms occurred and my lack of confidence resulted in portions of the fleet jumping into Bacon and splitting the fleet. As the enemy fleet jumped into Innu I called for everyone to jump back to bacon instead of having half the fleet polarized. During this call a bubble went up and [urlhttps://zkillboard.com/kill/92382531/]caught an Ashimmu[/url] that was joining the fight from station, resulting in a very quick death and subsequent podding.

The enemy fleet eventually jumped back into Bacon to fight us on the hole, I opted to call the first ship to decloak (Hyperion) as a primary, as soon as the Guardian decloaked we switched to that, took down a Guardian and then a Hyperion. We started to purge our numbers quickly but I wasn’t watching fleet chat or my watch list as I was hyper focused on the range of enemies and trying to keep their one logi pilot guessing. We finally someone got my attention and let me know we were running low of people. Called for a jump back to Innu and a scatter but got myself caught in a bubble in and went down in a blaze of glory before losing a +3 training pod, even though I reminded people half a dozen times to get into clean clones!

After my death an attempt was made to form Medium Shield but the action had killed the hole we were fighting on and the enemy fleet evaded us through Eggs prior to that fleet being able to form. Some members were left stranded in the Bacon chain, thankfully we had a scanner and were able to get them out.
The AAR on comms was helpful and highlighted some of the issues faced and some things to sustain, I’ll list the one I can remember off the top of my head below (I did a poor job of taking notes at the end which is an improve for next time). I also had a conversation with someone from the other fleet, those comments are below as well.
Combat comms – bet you are shocked to see that on the list!
Repeating directions – I tended to only say thing once and not the typical three times
Confidence – I definitely gave some of my directions in the form of a question
Watch chat and Watch list better
I should have called for podding the other fleet as we could as that is how they eventually won the numbers war.

Broadcasting, Secondary targets, Switching targets as other logi landed reps

Talking with the other fleet:
They said that our ECM Drones and Blackbirds really gave them issues and that the number of Logi we had was really effective against them. Also, and I have to quote this one: “our hyperion pilot was [Uni-Comms censored] up, don’t use narcotics”
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Erywin Chelien
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Re: [AAR] LA vs. "Ship Happens"

Post by Erywin Chelien »

Good AAR writeup, nice to see these come out of WHC! Sounds like you learned some important points from the fights. I remember as an FC at WHC, once combat comms were established it really helped me if I called on people specifically for suggestions. Namely I'd ask people that had either run fleets in those type of situations or had been around awhile. Only people that should be talking otherwise are the FC, 2IC and scouts.

Keep taking the fights!

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Vex Clover
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Re: [AAR] LA vs. "Ship Happens"

Post by Vex Clover »

Thank you for writing the AAR, I learnt a bit from the fight as well, and it was a fun fight :)

Just a small note, I asked you during form up whether you preferred ceptor/dictor and you called for a ceptor, so I was flying a ceptor in that fight, not a bubbler.

I hope you keep on FCing more fleets in WHC!
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Troven Smalvard
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Re: [AAR] LA vs. "Ship Happens"

Post by Troven Smalvard »

i'd say looking at their comp you did remarkably well with the numbers you had.
3x Bhaal put a real hurt on brutix and harbis ability to sustain damage.
nice shout you burned one of their logi before had chance to get fully chained up and keep you able to trade

not surprised the hole died with 5 BS's back and forth, won't speculate if that was on purpose or not.

people responding and coming into comms after first form up nearly done or after fight ongoing will be something forever and even out of uni one of big headaches.
at that point just need to be blunt. As you already said repetition is usually a good choice.
just keep repeating [Doctrine] dps/logi xyz in wormhole a on .b etc as you here the incoming chimes.

you don't need to answer dumb questions of "who is it", "what are they flying", "how many of them are there" - either all the answers were in the ping that is the reason they logged on, or has already been discussed once before fleet undocked

you can be nice after the fights over and tell all the story and bits, but you're better off getting the action easier for you and just deal with the field then the waffle bits, if you had enough to undock you have enough to fight, the others are bonus and can catch up

I see comms during fights is a constant issue, you just gotta brute force it unfortunately,
priority speaker is nice, ( not sure what comms you guys on now)
but useless incoming info takes up FC processing (until you learn to auto ignore certain people :blah5: )

so be vocal what yo need to hear and what you def don't - and tell um to shut up if you need
and repeat repeat repeat

again you looked like you did ok with teh opposition you had, practice and keep the retrospective up
pieces will get second nature and you can devote more the support amd ancil stuff and will keep improving
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