[AAR] NSC QRFs, QRFs, and QRFs again

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[AAR] NSC QRFs, QRFs, and QRFs again

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Battle report: https://br.evetools.org/br/60820f9f2924cb001b44c9c5

Another day, another batch of neutrals in PC9-AY. Not surprising, after all of the excitement from yesterday. Someone called out a Gila on the T22 gate to PC9, and the usual NSC krabbing was promptly put on hold in favor of chasing them down. We shipped into a bit of a kitchen sink comp, as we often do for hunting solo roamers in the pocket. The Gila docked up just as we undocked, and as of the time of this writing, has not undocked some three hours later.


During the hunt for our illusive Gila, another neutral spiked into system, a Cynabal. We played stationgames for a bit, trying to get a good warpin on the Cynabal. While we did so, a Hurricane warped in to watch the festivities. Unfortunately for the Hurricane, he did so in range of a tactical that one of our pilots had, and we warped in to apply damage. While Tomcat lost his Vexor, we managed to burn down the Hurricane fairly quickly at close range.

We chased down the Cynabal for a while, and lost a Hecate to it. The pilot quickly reshipped, and provided an amazing warpin by sneaking up on the Cynabal with a Stratios. We piled on and made quick work of the Cynabal as well. We docked up to handle the loot and repair.

And then someone reported a neutral in T22.


That's odd. We didn't see anyone come through PC9, which can only mean one things - wormholers. In this case, the department of Long life. Not good friends, per se, but always good fights.

They appeared in a Stabber, so we once again undocked a kitchen sink. Unfortunately for the Stabber, it was six on one, and they lost their stabber in exchange for the Ramjag that caught them.

The stabber reshipped into a Caracal, and brought an Orthus along with them. They sat on the undock for a little bit, and after some consideration I called to form up in Nano doctrine - no more kitchen sink tonight. Around the same time, a completely unrelated Vexor Navy Issue showed up, and was quickly chased down by the department of Long life. We quickly decided to undock and take advantage to third-party the now ongoing fight. I called the Orthus as primary as he pursued our Vedmak. The Vedmak pulled enough range from the Orthus to warp off, and we finished off the Orthus. In the process, the Caracal escaped.

We docked up to manage the loot once more, only for the department of Long life to return, this time in an Orthus, Osprey Navy Issue, and a Caracal. We reformed Nano and undocked once more. As was a running theme of the afternoon, a third party appeared: a Typhoon and a Hurricane from Shadow Cartel, along with a Rapier we aren't entirely sure was affiliated with them or not. We bounced around, staying balled up and attempting to pin one of the ships down long enough to kill it. After losing a Merlin and a Malediction attempting to secure tackle, we were convo'd by the department of Long life and agreed to a momentary truce to kill Shadow Cartel. Thanks to the efforts of three (!) Maledictions, we pinned down the Typhoon and it withered under the combined might of the Orthus, 3 Brutixes, a pair of Caracals and a Navy Osprey, with some damp support from a Malus. The Hurricane and the Rapier split shortly after.

With Shadow Cartel now out of PC9, the truce was off and we squared off against the department once more. We resumed the fight with the department, warping around trying to secure tackle while pressuring them, but we were unable to secure tackle long enough to get a kill, and they pulled out in light of our growing numbers as US timezone logged in to join the fight. They promised to upship and return. The Brutix Navy docked up and tried to escape, but eventually gave up and let his ship die on the undock while we were arranging a boosher.

We held a debrief afterwards to walk the newbros in the fleet through some of the terminologly that was confusing, and I, along with input from Mongo the Mechanic and Hippla Tsero, preached a little bit about the beauty of the Nano doctrine.

The department of Long life returned shortly after, with a strong upship - a Bifrost, a Leshak, a Vedmak, and an Orthus. We took the fight once more, undocking in Nano again. We lost a caracal after getting a little strung out, but managed to get a kill on their Bifrost that got seperated from the rest of the pack. Several of us warped off to avoid the withering damage from the Leshak and Vedmak. We lost cohesion after that, trying to reship some of our tackle into sniper Gilas to apply pressure from a distance while trying to regroup all of our ships on grid. We got seperated trying to reform, and we lost a Brutix in the process. We pinged back and forth for a bit trying to pin a ship down and apply damage, but we reached a bit of a stalemate being unable to hold tackle long enough to secure a kill. Eventually they withdrew after getting some last second kills on a flightdeck Maulus and a Sentinel that tried to provide a warp-in. After that, I stood down the fleet after nearly 2 and a half hours of QRFs.

QRF members (16)
Demei Preldent - Atron, Exequror
Devalt Yotosala - Caracal Navy Issue, Jaguar, Brutix
Eugate Maulerant - Brutix
Hideo Date - Caracal
Hippla Tsero - Malediction
Lazaren - Cynabal, Vedmak
Lynx Zauberer
Marelle Asanari - Caracal, Merlin, Executioner, Stabber, Kestrel
Michael Tempest - Vexor, Malediction
Miriel Larose - Hecate, Stratios, Brutix
Mongo the Mechanic - Osprey Navy Issue
Raas Caslo
Tomcat Evergreen - Vexor, Gnosis, Keres, Sentinel
Tricky Tessmira - Caracal
mtndewlove ginger - Caracal, Maulus
Kills and Losses

(19:45:27) PC9-AY
Vexor -53.98m
Hurricane +131.02m
Hecate -72.7m
Cynabal +315.43m

(20:14:52) PC9-AY
Jaguar -51.43m
Stabber +72.22m

(20:35:45) PC9-AY
Atron -4.3m
Orthrus +296.8m

(20:49:34) PC9-AY
Merlin -9.74m
Malediction -43.17m
Exequror -35.37m
Typhoon +425.16m
Capsule +0.01m
Stabber -39.59m

(21:10:32) PC9-AY
Brutix Navy Issue +247.69m

(21:38:01) PC9-AY
Caracal -28.47m
Bifrost +121.12m
Brutix -118.98m
Maulus -1.66m
Sentinel -49.31m
Executioner -3.16m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 1,609,445,105.53
ISK Lost: 511,863,828.95
ISK Delta: 1,097,581,276.58
Efficiency: 75.87%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    Quick formup after Nano was called
    Lots of tackle that performed very well in the first nano engagement
    Made sure to remind tackle and ewar to exempt from fleet warp
    Kept the DD ball very close knit during most of the fight
    (Negative stuff)
    Got strung out and disorganized after having to regroup
    I should have called reminded people about ammo type switches more often, seeing as we had newer bros in Brutixes
    I should have clarified anchoring for some of the new bros, as there was confusion on some of the inital calls for anchoring.
    People were logging in and joining the fight without communicating in fleet chat or in comms, which made it hard to manage ships properly
    Didn't have enough scrams to hold down the Leshak, which MJD'd away from death several times.
    I forgot to organize links properly and was poor at calling them on and off
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