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[AAR] [QRF] Counter-Camp

Post by Jalxan »

Note: I'm REALLY bad with remembering who said what during the fleet because I've been up for over 24 hours at this point. Please speak up to claim credit for the parts you helped with. lol

Two fleets in one day? What shenanigans is this, you ask?! Well... honestly wasn't expecting it, but when I saw the Intel feeds light up, I knew I had to act.


I ended up quickly calling a QRF. Although it took me longer than I would have liked, I honestly wasn't prepared for handling QRF's, or having a solid grasp on the latest doctrines. Thankfully, a number of helpful members and members of the FC Team stepped up to provide me with that guidance... and some numbers.

Through my own observations and through the help of fellow Unistas, I knew I had the following facing me and my ragtag gang:

2x Harbinger
2x Gnosis

Seven targets, with the Proteus providing scanning support, camping the Amygnon gate in Juftvitte, scanner in Amygnon proper. I knew I was outgunned, but I also knew that my QRF was slowly giving me the numbers I needed. So I bided my time. Even when a Unista didn't pay attention to our repeated warnings and got caught at the gate in his Gila, I had to bite my tongue and wait, using my alt and fellow Unistas to gather intel.

But my patience was rewarded; not too much later, I had a fleet of over 20 Caracals. I only had my Navy Osprey to fly, and, with the wish to have extra agility to be able to kite the battle in observation, I got the fleet ready to undock.

But first, some bait.



I won't lie; it was a HUGE gamble; one, I was in the priciest ship in the gang; two, if one landed on top of me, my kiting abilities would vanish instantly. However, I calculated that the only one who could actually pin me down was the Proteus, and everyone else would have to break camp and jump through to get me - and they would be well outside of point/web/scram range to do it. So I warped in at 50KM, orbited, and waited.

My calculation was spot on. Just as I was speaking with some of the other FC Team and considering whether we should undock, the Proteus decloaked to go after me, while the enemy squadron jumped through. I had my fleet warp in at 0km, and I faced the Proteus face-to-face.

It. Was. On.

One of the FC Team members did a great call in suggesting that we first target their Hurricane, which I immediately called as Primary, while I engaged the Proteus. I was surprisingly not only holding my own, I was actually winning as it broke and fled toward the gate. While this happened the Hurricane melted into scrap metal. I immediately called for the Proteus to catch him, and we just barely missed getting the kill. However, while this was going on a Gnosis jumped in, likely a piloting or call mistake on their side, and we quickly neuted, scrammed, and burned it down.

With these two targets down, we were out for blood. We advanced through all the way to Scolluzer, and I had us set up a reverse-gatecamp, trapping them inside our pocket, leaving only a few ways out.

Literally only a few minutes after we set up the camp...


The voice chat erupted in laughter and cheers. :lol: :twisted:

We stayed out for about an hour, and some of the Wartargets would eventually log out. Although I was tempted to station-camp them, I was told that was not a wise decision, so at that point I disbanded the fleet, accomplishing a perfect QRF - two kills, no losses (I do not count the Gila as they were both unfleeted and we were still staging at that point and thus outside of my direct control).

And thus, it was over.



Things that went well:
- Although we lost the ISK war due to the Gila, we effectively had a perfect 2-0 score, not losing a single ship in the QRF fleet itself.
- Although I was unprepared, I received a lot of help, and I was able to delegate accordingly, and led to effective combat operations.
- We had JUST enough Caracals to load the fleet up. We need more Caracals. MOAR CARACALS, I SAY :twisted: :honk:
- I did a ballsy strategy, and although it was risky, I was able to keep my cool and perform well under pressure, and pulled it off as I had intended.
- Despite my initial feelings, I listened to solid advice about not engaging them on their terms, instead luring them into us.

Things that could be improved:
- I probably shouldn't have had the fleet warp in at 0km. Although this had the glorious side effect of catching the opponents at the gate, had they been more organized, they would have likely put on some severe harm on us.
- I need to read up on doctrines so I don't (badly) stumble on fleet formation on the QRF. If I had the luxury of time, I would have most definitely looked into that. Sadly, I had the hand I was dealt. Thankfully I had a few people with Royal Flushes to bail me out.
- I should have brought my OOC alt in the prober way earlier in the engagement. That could have led to easier counterplay during the battle.
- Sleep is nice. I should have slept after the Shield Bash, but hey! This was a great opportunity. I just hope to have enough sleep before the next battle. :shock:
- Did you know that the Navy Osprey has 5 drones? Yeah, would have been useful had I remembered to use them. :cry: Same with calling it for the fleet itself.

Feedback as always is greatly appreciated. o7
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