[preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 08-04-21

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Marek Holmberg
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Teaching Manager
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[preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 08-04-21

Post by Marek Holmberg »

Roam members (11)
Arin Mara - Imperial Navy Slicer
Bob Goodson - Imperial Navy Slicer
Clemence DeGrace - Imperial Navy Slicer
Johan IV Hilanen - Wolf
Kimeemaru - Imperial Navy Slicer
Marek Holmberg - Wolf
Michael Tempest - Imperial Navy Slicer
Mike Kingswell - Jackdaw
Roscoe Ormand - Imperial Navy Slicer
Tolerin Escipion - Wolf
Yto Itinen - Stiletto
Kills and Losses

(19:10:07) N-RMSH
Hecate +70.37m
Tristan +2.63m

(19:48:42) EDQG-L, TYB-69
Hurricane +101.63m
Jackdaw -87.08m
Imperial Navy Slicer -24.18m

(20:19:34) Y4B-BQ
Gila +197.23m

(20:44:36) P5-EFH
Retribution +63.69m
Capsule +0.01m

(21:13:20) FV-YEA
Stiletto -56.38m

ISK Destroyed: 435,555,168
ISK Lost: 167,644,902.62
ISK Delta: 267,910,265.38
Efficiency: 72.207%

Overall evaluation
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    (Negative stuff)
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Re: [preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 08-04-21

Post by Kimeemaru »

My first nullbear fleet and it was very nice. Pretty ranged structured and lots of action. Apparently also the first iteration of a pvp finder sheet by Aron, which according to those who were actively using to was extremely useful and made life a lot easier. Can’t wait to fly again and do either some navigation or better blapping. 👌
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Roscoe Ormand
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Re: [preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 08-04-21

Post by Roscoe Ormand »

Great fleet with some great content. Marek once again doing a great job running a great and fun fleet, and maximum props have to go to Yto for once again doing an insanely good job of handling tackle. Honestly, some incredible tackle work.

However the REAL star of the show has to be the sheet that Marek and Arin (maximum credit to Arin) put together in order to make it easier to conduct these hunts.

In previous versions of this fleet, a LOT of time was taken on finding the null sec system, and then having the Navigators look up the Deltas on NPC kills, and planning routes.

Now with a little bit of extra effort taken in the initial phase of scanning down Wormholes, we get an immediate and MUCH clearer picture of the state of NPC kills, which means that the fleet can immediately take the initiative and go straight for the High Value holes, which are more likely to contain more targets. Providing a MUCH shorter time to getting PVP content.

Credit to Arin for resolving Tech Issues mid roam as well, and immediate feedback from the team on the Sheet, so that we can see immediate improvements. Some changes were made during the fleet to facilitate the fleet actions.

2ICing the fleet was once again great, and it was fantastic. I can't wait to go again!
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Arin Mara
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Re: [preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 08-04-21

Post by Arin Mara »

Yaaaaaay! Thanks Roscoe! :)

Lets hope tonight will be a repeat of last week's success :)
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