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[HSC] Magic Merlins @1800 on 05.04.2021

Posted: 2021.04.07 09:26
by Hideo Date
The original plan was to go from HSC towards Heydieles and possibly use a Thera connection...that didn't happen as we had a great evening with Stay Frosty in Ouelletta.

We first found some weird stuff outside a Plex, mix of Sabre, stratios, thorax and others. I was so confused and laughing about the comp that I wasn't great at target calling. Should have focused right on the Sabre but ended up only getting the Thorax.

We reshipped right away and tackled a lonely Atron at the Juf gate (ah yes, and an Abaddon apparently, which I kinda forgot about :D...that one jumped right before we killed it and I didn't communicate well with the fleet about how/whether we could pursue)...Stay Frosty overcompensated with t3c and other stuff. One of them contacted me and apologized for dunking quite so hard, wanting to compensate us for the losses.

After reshipping and coming back (me in a neuting Maller I had originally wanted to sacrifice in the Frigate FFA a while ago). A Tempest showed itself at the Juf gate and gave us a fight till the bitter end. The Pilot had the fitting name of "Beharrlichkeit". The respomse force was very chill this time and we ended the fight around a station. Killing Rixx Javix himself in a Gnosis! Honourable pirates that they are, there where no station games. Rixx contacted me after that fight and we set up for some more engagements.

I asked for Frigates...and they delivered a bunch of Garmurs at the open :D
After another message to Rixx they changed their comp to give us more chance to kill something. They where nice enough to slide into us in a Novice, hookbill first. I tried to work heavily with primary, secondary calling and we ended up getting a luckily blingy Cruor.

The last fight saw us against Slicers and more faction frigates at an open, but we managed to snatch something nonetheless.

At the end we talked about whether logi did us any good or we should have been all in Merlins. Not really sure what would have been better.

Also thought about SRPing the Maller, as it should clearly be a standard addition to the Merlin doctrine :D

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    - initiated Wulfger in his first PvP fleet
    - had loads of fun
    (Negative stuff)
    - had too much fun to be really focused on FCing :D
    - did not call to spread tackle or tackle specific targets
    - should have called for scout to reship into Merlin after it was clear we'd stay in Ouelletta

Roam members (11)
Albedo183 - Slasher, Merlin
Arkaihnen - Merlin
Ben Lear - Merlin
Fudster - Merlin
Hideo Date - Merlin, Maller
Jake Sandersen - Burst
Kimeemaru - Burst
Marek Holmberg - Merlin
Promitheas Pyroforos - Merlin
Rico Cruise - Merlin
Wulfger VooDoo - Merlin
Kills and Losses

(18:18:55) Ouelletta
Burst -8.03m
Slasher -2.51m
Merlin -5.97m
Thorax +35.18m
Burst -7.8m
Merlin -9.62m
Merlin -9.62m
Merlin -9.62m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

(18:44:47) Ouelletta
Burst -7.68m
Burst -7.79m
Merlin -9.62m
Atron +12.18m
Merlin -9.62m
Merlin -9.44m
Merlin -9.59m
Slasher -2.42m
Merlin -9.61m
Merlin -9.61m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

(19:03:33) Ouelletta
Burst -7.79m
Burst -7.48m
Merlin -9.62m
Tempest +463.23m
Slasher -2.4m
Rupture +39.66m
Merlin -9.14m
Burst -7.79m
Merlin -9.35m
Gnosis +103.17m
Merlin -9.21m
Capsule -0.01m
Maller -36.01m
Capsule -0.01m

(19:43:07) Ouelletta
Burst -7.79m
Caldari Navy Hookbill +34.1m
Burst -8.03m
Merlin -9.62m
Merlin -9.24m
Merlin -9.6m
Merlin -9.62m
Cruor +140.48m
Merlin -9.62m
Merlin -9.62m
Merlin -9.47m
Slasher -2.49m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

(19:57:24) Ouelletta
Merlin -8.85m
Merlin -9.5m
Burst -7.79m
Federation Navy Comet +20.06m
Burst -8.03m
Merlin +20.22m
Merlin -12.67m
Merlin -9.62m
Imperial Navy Slicer +24.45m
Merlin -9.49m
Merlin -9.46m
Merlin -9.62m
Merlin -9.62m
Merlin -9.62m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 892,735,199.04
ISK Lost: 416,813,849.78
ISK Delta: 475,921,349.26
Efficiency: 68.171%

Re: [HSC] Magic Merlins @1800 on 05.04.2021

Posted: 2021.04.07 10:47
by Ben Lear
Wow , wow , wow, what a fab fleet and great FC'ing by Hideo

Full applause to our Honorable Pirate neighbours Stay Frosty for keeping their response to our fleet incursions really interesting .

I didn't expect so much content and so many fun fights so close to the start, learnt loads and hopefully didn't make to many mistakes ...

Already looking forward to the next Hideo fleet :)

Re: [HSC] Magic Merlins @1800 on 05.04.2021

Posted: 2021.04.08 07:30
by Wulfger VooDoo
Thx for having me! It was fun!

Re: [HSC] Magic Merlins @1800 on 05.04.2021

Posted: 2021.04.10 08:25
by Rico Cruise
Wow. I made it on the list with the most worthless participation ever. Looking forward to the next time :)

Re: [HSC] Magic Merlins @1800 on 05.04.2021

Posted: 2021.04.10 18:22
by Kimeemaru
As one of the logi I can safely say it was a bit brutal. They played smart and took us out first. My time alive for each try was sadly short but hopefully it made a small difference.

Good stuff. Hopefully next time as a logi I’ll get a bit more experience, instead of getting blapperino’d.

5/5 would blap again