[AAR] Magic Merlins 21/04/01 @ 2100

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Sean Yakin
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[AAR] Magic Merlins 21/04/01 @ 2100

Post by Sean Yakin »

Formed up at Eugales - The Flying Dutchman @2100. Form up was held up by server going down on the West Coast. Finally got under way at approximately 2200 EVE time. Headed toward Innia, and at Oicx we destroyed a Tristan. Moved onwards to Pynekastoh where one of our scouts engaged a Retribution. Scout was lost before we could get logi to him, but he was successful in giving us the time needed to destroy the Retribution.. Next encounter was at Hikkoken, where a scout was lost after encountering 3 Punishers while checking out the system. At Pynekastoh, fleet was able to get a kill on a pair of Incursus. A fleet member was very effective in getting tackle on two ships at once. While the scouts were checking out Rakapas, they came across a Draugur. Draugur was effective at keeping us at range and the fleet was spread out enough that he destroyed both scouts, and a Merlin. Also in Rakapas, A Merlin was lost encountering an Omen Navy Issue, once again being effective in drawing a fleet member far enough away that logi could not reach him. At Kedama, Slasher was lost encountering an Imperial Navy Slicer. Tried to get fleet warped to him to provide logi, but was unsuccessful. Arrived at Tama, lost scout while engaging Worm. Made the decision to warp to the Tama Sun, and a Sentinel jumped directly on us. We took full advantage of this fortuitous luck and destroyed the Sentinel (he had to have been surprised that we were there). Jumped back to Kedama to engage Cynabal on gate. Lost a Slasher and a Merlin to Caldari Sentry Guns. Had the Cynabal almost down to hull, but he was able to warp off. Cynabal did destroy a Burst in the encounter. At this point we had lost people due to RL, and had no logi at this time. Decided to head back to Eugales and the trip home was uneventful. (Other than the fact three Condors did chase the fleet for a few systems).

Roam members (15)
Albedo183 - Merlin
Alcius - Merlin
Ben Lear - Merlin
Bluegru Heslead - Merlin
Droidekas - Merlin
GreyWolfNova - Merlin
Jake Sandersen - Burst
Roben Bentonar - Merlin
Sainaras Aishai - Slasher
Sean Yakin - Merlin
Shevek Asagov - Merlin
Space Warfare Development
Titus Roderick - Condor
Tricky Tessmira - Burst
Kills and Losses

(22:15:23) Oicx
Tristan +1.14m

(22:41:42) Pynekastoh
Slasher -6.94m
Retribution +85.77m
Capsule +0.01m

(22:55:03) Hikkoken
Condor -4.84m
Capsule -0.01m

(23:05:12) Pynekastoh, Rakapas, Hikkoken
Incursus +2.29m
Incursus +1.52m
Slasher -7.01m
Condor -4.86m
Merlin -6.75m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Merlin -9.63m

(23:22:48) Rakapas
Burst -8.58m

(23:29:15) Reitsato, Kedama
Capsule -0.01m
Slasher -7.27m
Capsule -0.01m

(23:54:32) Tama
Sentinel +57.11m
Condor -4.86m

(00:00:58) Kedama
Slasher -7.08m
Capsule -0.01m
Merlin -9.6m
Burst -7.08m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 147,833,590.13
ISK Lost: 84,588,917.92
ISK Delta: 63,244,672.21
Efficiency: 63.606%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    • Communication was better between FC and fleet members
    • Scouts did an excellent job and communicated well
    • Logi did excellent work
    (Negative stuff)
    • FC still too slow on getting fleet underway. Need to work on that. (Disconnection did not help.)
    • Need to be more specific on when to engage and not engage a kiting target.
Any additional comments will be much appreciated. Thank you so much to all that participated. You are very much appreciated. See you next week.
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Sainaras Aishai
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Re: [AAR] Magic Merlins 21/04/01 @ 2100

Post by Sainaras Aishai »

Hey Sean! Another fine roam :) :) Shame about the servers going down.
As for my bit of feedback, it's already in the things to improve section so I know you are aware of this, but the form up took a bit too long. As someone else told me, try to make sure you have everything set up an hour before the fleet, the more paperwork you have already done the easier is to get underway!

Looking forward to the next one!
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