[preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 25-03-21

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[preliminary][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @ 25-03-21

Post by Marek Holmberg »

Roam members (8)
Clemence DeGrace
Droidekas - Imperial Navy Slicer
Johan IV Hilanen - Wolf
Marek Holmberg - Wolf
Mike Kingswell
Ulrik Elristan - Wolf
Yto Itinen - Stiletto
Kills and Losses

(20:37:46) LD-2VL
Wolf -52.61m
Wolf -57.31m

(21:12:17) N-RAEL
Hecate +76.18m

(21:52:26) N-RAEL, Konora
Imicus +18.63m
Imperial Navy Slicer -21.68m
Wolf -52.6m

ISK Destroyed: 94,810,618.35
ISK Lost: 184,195,829.2
ISK Delta: -89,385,210.85
Efficiency: 33.982%

Overall evaluation
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    (Negative stuff)
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