[AAR] [WHC] Varg Ganked By AAF.

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[AAR] [WHC] Varg Ganked By AAF.

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It's no Naglfar, but It's better than nothing! :P

I decided to write an AAR for this since a few people mentioned it, and also to offer clarification about the events that took place as well as decisions I made. Finally, I like doing these because they help me reflect and note down things I learned, so here goes!

I logged onto Eve after Vex pinged for a Vargur, excited to get in on a gank as you do. I undock in my MS Drake but we end up standing down due to the hole being crit. I decided I wasn't happy to just let that Vargur keep doing its thing so I asked Danny how viable an attack with AAF's would be. After his advice, I decided to go for it and formed up AAF's, first getting my 3 deacons and then calling for DD and Cruors for neuts.

In an ideal world, I'd have wanted to bring enyo's, however they apply best in very close range and I didn't want to be caught off guard if he had smart bombs. For that reason, I decided to go with the next best thing and called for T3D's and then retri's in order of preference. This is simply due to the higher damage they can deal and increased tank compared to the retri, which makes them a bit more forgiving if people drift into smart bomb range.

Anyway, I get enough numbers and undock with a mix of retri's and T3D's as well as 2 Crours. With Vex being my scout, he kept eyes on the Vargur while I moved the fleet up to .2b2 where I then waited for an appropriate time to move in. The vargur didn't warp to another site like we'd hoped initially and instead warped to an unscanned sig. Not wanting to give our cover up easily by deploying probes, I had the fleet wait and told Vex to keep an eye on if he goes to another site. Thankfully he returns, and we start moving in.

I first give the order to Danny's alt to jump through and bubble the Vargur then call it at which point we'd jump through. Looking back on it, this isn't efficient as it prolongues the time that the bubbler is by themself. What I should've done is jump the fleet with the bubbler, have everybody but the bubbler hold cloak and then warp the fleet to our warp in when the bubbler enters warp. This reduces the time that the bubbler is by theirself and also helps prevent us getting caught on the edge of the bubble.

So we land on grid and burn to the Vargur and start orbiting outside of smartbomb range, and we see that he triggered the next wave, in what we assume was an attempt to try and kill as many of us as possible before he died. I then hear that my Cruors aren't able to apply from this range like I thought they were, and Bed quickly calls in fleet chat to move Cruors into smartbomb range and have deacons rep the cruors (thanks bed!). I repeat this command and the Vargur dies shortly after due to combined neuting from the Cruors and the NPC's.

With the Vargur dead, I turn my attention to the site. I consider trying to fight it out but after seeing logi being unable to hold, and advice from fellow fleet members, I order the loot to be scooped and I align people to our exit wormhole, attempting to get as many people out as possible and reduce people getting caught in the site. In the end we lost 2 deacons to the site, but everybody else got off safely. A few people then go ahead of the rest of the fleet without being prompted and I follow through with the rest of the fleet that didn't go through, once everybody was on the hole. Unfortunately, the hole collapsed and trapped a pod and our last Deacon, but thankfully our scanner was still in system. With that, I order everybody to head home.

I don't want to dwell on this part too much as we covered it extensively, but please don't jump holes/gates unless your FC calls for it. Lemmings happen, but in this case the hole was crit and the hole could've collapsed before we got the loot out and as Danny mentioned during our debrief, if nobody had jumped ahead, we could've offlined plates and most likely nobody would've gotten rolled out. I apologise if my tone was harsh during the moment the lemmings ocurred, but this was rather frustrating to have happen given the circumstances.

All in all, I took a lot away from this fleet, such as coordinating better bubbling and warping of the fleet, establishing a priority of who gets to jump through a crit hole first (loot holders, DD, T3Ds etc. in this case) and more, I know this wasn't a perfect way to do this and I knew it was risky given the holes mass, which is why I specifically warned everybody 3 times before we jumped that there was a very high chance that people will get rolled out, so they should keep that in mind if they come. I'm entirely welcome to feedback and constructive criticism, as it will help me grow as an FC :)
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