[AAR] Grand Prix AAF Roam

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[AAR] Grand Prix AAF Roam

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The Rundown

Mors Mihi Lucrum mentioned when the Grand Prix event started that it would be fun to take AAF's out and shoot folks. Thus the idea was born for the Impromptu Grand Prix AAF roam last night. It was a lot of fun and I plan to take AAF's out again.

Fleet Members
Adam Cion
Anidien Dallacort
Louis Del'arbre
Mors Mihi Lucrum
Red Fish
Trajen Synica
William Archer
We started the night in Averon and left to start the Grand Prix in Luminare. The first thing we learned for point achievement you need to start with the Southern route (I had planned on running the Eastern route). The AAF's are pretty fast so it made the gate to gate travel for the Grand Prix really easy. We had seen other interceptors and frigates following the same route but could not quite catch anyone on the gates. When we arrived in Chej we noticed a Hyperion on D-scan and then the Hyperion landed on the gate about 30 km off. I called to engage expecting possible backup arriving, sadly we could not break the Hyperion's tank and a second Hyperion and an Oracle arrived. The call to scatter went out but we lost an Enyo and a Griffin before we all warped off. We ended up going along the route but didn't see much activity, it started to get late so two of our members dropped off in Amarr.

We continued along the route but didn't see much activity along the remainder of the route. We hit the last waypoint in Aurcel and before we called it a night decided to look for trouble in the nearby lowsec systems. We headed towards Amamake since gate check noticed a number of kills in the last hour. We were rewarded for our shenanigan seeking with an easy Algos kill in a faction complex, who threw out a bit of salt in local and reshipped into a Tristan and started playing some station games. We noticed two caracals on a separate complex and went to investigate. We were rewarded with two more kills for the evening against the two caracals.

We decided to call it a night and head back towards the finish line for the Grand Prix and decided to sit on a gate while we let our suspect timer wear off before returning to highsec. While sitting on the gate an obviously autopiloting Tayra landed 10km off of the gate, and the call was made to turn it into a wreck restarting our timer. While we waited again we saw a Vexor we made chase for but lost him on a gate and by then our timers were up and we called it a night.

Also it was a running theme of the night Red Fish either getting chased by the Highsec police (because he's a dirty pirate) or getting shot by gate guns.

Kills and Losses

05:20 - Chej
Enyo -46.7m
Griffin -1.2m

06:48 - Lantorn
Claw -36.7m

06:50 - Amamake
Algos +8.7m
Griffin -1.2m
Caracal +90.9m
Caracal +91.5m

07:28 - Siseide
Tayra +8.3m
Capsule +0.1m
Incursus -9.6m

ISK Destroyed: 199.5m
ISK Lost: 95.4m
ISK Delta: 104.1m
Efficiency: ??? (if someone has the formula for this handy let me know)

Don't forget to submit Ship Replacement Program (SRP) .

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
  • Fun times were had running the Grand Prix with a PvP roaming doctrine.

    (Negative stuff)
  • We started a bit late and members had to log off due to the late hour (I'm getting too old to stay up until 4am....)
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