[AAR] RR Vexors Birthday Bash Edition

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[AAR] RR Vexors Birthday Bash Edition

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Original Fleet announcement

Goal of this event/fleet was to introduce our sleepover guests into ways to make ISK that are a bit more exciting than mining, but because of Birthday Bash, I also promised that we would not shy away from PvP.

In preperation Magic had helped me to scan and map out signatures outside of our pocket, and Eugate got the Production Department to provide (40?) of the RR PvE/PvP T1 Vexors to hand out to participants.

Formup was a bit delayed, because I had messed up and we had ordererd a fit version that wasn't fully T1 and some pilots needed to change the fit on the fly with limited resources. With that delay on my heals I didn't take the time to go through my full fleet checklist, which lead to some unistas not having their home station set to PC9.

When we finally undocked, we split off into 3 squads, and pressured Eugate into taking squad command of the third squad after Magic and I already had our squads.

Once that was done we headed off towards 5-T0PZ, were we had found a Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point and some other sites in system and neighboring systems.
We had to go through the 97X gate in M2- which is also part of the Grand Prix event route and as such was usually heavily camped, but with 30 people in fleet, we just scared them off, but we took down their bubble.

+19mil Bubble

In the target system we started chipping away at the PvE part with one squad running the Staging Point and the other running a Drone site each. The guys and girls shooting the Serpentis finished first and got the Escalation. While the other squads were still shooting rougue drones, a scout found some attention in the neighboring systems A-ZLHX, home of Waffles.
The bored squad went in and started throwing hands (or drones) and once the fight was one the other squads joined in.
With the doctrine being somewhat more complex than just F1 monkeying and having limited practice before, the grid was somewhat chaotic, but we still managed to tackle and take down one hostile battleship. In the attempt to take down more, we got grinded down to just a handfull of Vexors before scatter was called.

-395mil +444mil Battlereport

After that we took a short break and reformed in PC9.

We still had an escalation to run, so we went out again, with lower numbers but still a force that send gate campers running.
The first escalation was in M2- and the final one in Dastryns. In Dastryns we took a little break from shooting NPCs for an attempt at a Rattlesnake that our scouts managed to grab, but the Rattle managed to MJD and warp off at some point. We went back to finish the site and secured some 200mil loot which we managed to get back to PC9 safely.

The event was setup similar to a Shared Can, in that the total loot would be shared between everyone based on participation time. With a total loot value of 240mil everyone got to be a millionaire now. (Everyone has been paid with "RR Vexors" as comment.)

  • My fleet formup still needs practice and more strict adherence to my checklist.
  • The RR Vexors are primarily built for PvE. The do have tackle and reps to be able to withstand and even retaliate against random attacks, but as a fleet doctrine they are too complicated (and of course to slow). Had it not been a fun event fleet, I would not have engaged such an opponent composition with them.
  • Having split comms per squad made the PvE part easier, but rejoining for PvP was slowed down thanks to that.

Thank you to everyone who came along, and thank you to Magic and Eugate for helping to prepare and run this.
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