[AAR] NSC AAF Roam - 3 March 2021

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Hippla Tsero
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Campus Manager
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[AAR] NSC AAF Roam - 3 March 2021

Post by Hippla Tsero »

Following the Class - Introduction to Null-sec Campus, we organised an Armour Assault Frigate roam departing from PC9. #JoinNSC

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
  • Amazing fights and lots of action right at our door-step
  • Patient fleet members and positive mood all around
  • Plenty of learning opportunities for myself as an FC and for pilots
  • Could show the fun we can have at the NSC with relatively cheap doctrines and ships that also new players can easily fly.
    (Negative stuff)
  • Not enough time taken to debrief the fights - lot went on in that 2 1/2 hours. I hope this AAR can help people to recap what happened and provide me as an FC with some feedback
  • I had difficulties calling the correct action at multiple points
  • I was frustrated with one of the tackle pilots and probably showed it quite a bit through my tone. Tackle needs to use Coms and can't just write "I am out of tackle ships" in fleet after dying once, when there is plenty on contract. I would have been happy to help out with funds if that were the issue.
  • Lost overview a few times on what's still on grid e.g. didn't realise missing tackle in 2nd engagement
Total destroyed: 1,078,337,091.31 ISKies
Total lost: -416,471,515.36 ISKies

After Action Report - WALL OF TEXT
We were already slightly delayed due to some Mumble outage during the class, so I tried to speed up the forming up process. We had plenty of AAF and Faction Frigates and I had T1 Meta guns for people that could not run T2 guns on the faction frigs. A few of the Newbros joined in Atrons. We also had two dedicated tackle pilots and Magic Anninen in his fantastic Booshing and Boosting Magus and We could unfortunately not find enough logi support and opted to have B'aldrick Aivoras in a Cruor (Neuts + double web). (Someone joined with a single T1 logi a bit later without informing FC. Was difficult for that pilot to rep anything without being targeted down immediately.)

With Eugate as 2IC, Lazaren and Joilove as Tackles we undocked promptly when Raas got booshed and tackled at PC9 Top Stations. I had not fully finished fleet intro but tried to wrap up after we shoosed away Raas' agressors.

Our tackle went +1 and immediately realised some action going on between two other corps. They seemed to have engaged each other and disengaged again. Tackle managed to find them at the sun and provide us a neutral warp-in. When landing Magic in the Magus realised he can easily boosh onto an isolated Myrmidon.
+115,623,157.14 ISK

We regrouped and tried to engage them once again in JH-.
Enemy fleet was a mix - Vedmak, Orthrus, Vagabond, 2xRetris and a Magus.

Our first engagement had us warp in at 20km from the Vedmak and one of our tackles managed to get one Scram on but the Vedmak still managed to burn away too fast for the Cruor (which went down pretty quickly) to get webs on or for the 2nd tackle to do another scram pass. I decided to burn away from the Vedmak and see whether we can get into boosh range. Unfortunately my anchor command seemed to have drowned a bit in the engagement and a few pilots continued burning towards the Vedmak. When they were tackled I had reached 150km but had a long trail of friendly frigates chasing me that were not yet in warp range to the engaged targets. I decided to burn out to around 180km before warping 80% of my tail towards the Vedmak. By the time we landed the Vedmak had burned away and the enemy managed to kill our tackle and a bunch of the AAFs and Faction frigates.
Malediction -36,650,472.14 ISK
Enyo -44,923,108.56 ISK
Atron -2,261,972.27 ISK
Federation Navy Comet -30,223,271.80 ISK
Imperial Navy Slicer -28,362,115.95 ISK

We disengaged and I had the feeling we could still manage to get a boosh on them if we regroup and try again. At the same time we were told that the 2nd group that was at the sun would reship and fight us. We thus had a bit of time for the dead pilots to reship. The same gang as before then jumped into PC9 and I was hoping reshipping would be done and made a snap call to warp behind them and for tackle to try to catch something on the other side. The fight went down as soon as our tackle managed to get a point on the Orthrus. Unfortunately we were still to close to the gate and I had to warp to a tactical before being able to get to the tackle. In the chaos I had not realised that 2nd tackle hadn't reshipped. Tackle went down but we still tried to warp to their wreck and catch the Orthrus (wrong decision). As soon as we landed their gang had pulled range and took us apart. We shortly burned at them and I tried to burn away when I realised that we are taking losses without having any tackle on grid. I warped fleet to a tactical but we had taken quite a few losses

Malediction -36,515,060.90 ISK
Enyo -44,310,147.57 ISK
Wolf -45,024,032.96 ISK
Enyo -42,910,839.25 ISK
Federation Navy Comet -30,092,606.70 ISK
Cruor -75,197,887.26 ISK

We decided to regroup at an Upwell structure to repair and let everyone reship. We had a few moments for reflection and hopefully people were not too frustrated after taking those losses without getting anything. It was decided to move past this gang and our scout told us they were off the gate. We warped directly through the gate and simply left them behind. One of our tackles left and was replaced by Gideon Mastracci, bringing us back to two tackles.

Our AAF gang continued its way through the pipe through Syndicate, passing the typical low-sec - null-sec systems. Our tackle managed to get on top of a lonely Garmur and a few pilots not listening to FC commands warped themselves on top of it and denied half of the fleet to get on the kill mail :twisted: Nice little kill there in any case :)
Garmur+73,857,472.61 ISK

Continuing down the pipe we ran into a small gang - 2xTyphoon, Prophecy, Oneiros and Caracal ... if memory serves me right ... not 100% sure if there was someone else on grid.
We managed to get the Typhoon to jump into us at the FD- Gate. After letting their invul timer run out they decided to burn back to the gate. Thanks to our amazing Cruor pilot the Typhoon did not make it very far. The other gang members came through to safe them. We managed to burn the Typhoon down before they reached the gate and get a tackle on the Prophecy and Oneiros. Oneiros was quite far off already so I decided to call the Prophecy #bling. We burned the Prophecy down but the other ships disengaged and by the time the Prophecy died, the others managed to jump the gate. Still happy about the outcome. I should have called for one or two people to disengagel and jump through to get tackle on the other side.
Typhoon +353,642,292.68 ISK
Prophecy +413,886,809.60 ISK

After everyone's timers were gone, we jumped through the gate to find the Caracal at 120km starting to Orbit us. Magical Magic Anninnen managed to boosh us slightly in front of them and we caught it ... bye bye poor Caracal
Caracal +39,031,089.80 ISK

On the way back we were informed that a Sabre was camping the JH- in PC9 (NSC home station). We sent a Capsule and a T1 frigate through for them to pull the bubble and engage. They finally decided to jump where the whole AAF fleet waited for them. Thanks to quick reactions we burned the Sabre down before they could jump back.
Sabre +82,296,269.48 ISK

We folded the fleet at this point.

Big shoutout to all the amazing people joining me, particularly the special role people like Magic, Laz, B'aldrick and Eugate :) It has been super fun!

Please provide (constructive) feedback!!
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Ben Lear
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Re: [AAR] NSC AAF Roam - 3 March 2021

Post by Ben Lear »

Thanks for arranging and FCing this fantastic fleet Hippla,

The Uni class Uni introduction to NSC was excellent, even despite the Mumble connection going down mid class ( I took the extreme action of shutting down completely rebooting my PC thinking it was just me to discover it was everyone that was affected :lol: ). I didn't need the well organised travel fleet from Amy to NCS campus as I had taken the incredibly brave decision to travel through nul space on my own the previous evening ... :wink:

I had trained up on a new Big persons Toy the AAR Retribution in advance and seriously pushed my internal Care bear well aside to actually use it .

I wasn't disappointed with the NSC fleet content, so many fights and wow a whole new way of dropping on top of enemy ships called booshing, very impressively carried out by Magic . Some experienced NSC tackles, scouts etc made the whole fleet experience excellent.

Hopefully with each fleet I am getting a little better in making more of a contribution. The most unusual thing about this fleet was not getting targeted once by opposition ships in any of the fights, well not that I noticed ,very odd . Normally I go down in a ball of flame early in the fight.

I think our FC did an excellent job of coping with so many newish players who hadn't experienced much , if any Nul sec fighting or even visited the campus, so well done, and so much was going on and fleet members kept asking lots of questions all of which he handled extremely calmly and with good humor

Thanks again Hippla and team really enjoyed the evening :D
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Kaiser Indrasil
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Re: [AAR] NSC AAF Roam - 3 March 2021

Post by Kaiser Indrasil »

I wanted to fly a Cruor back when the fleet was assembling for the first time but Hippla told me not to

The amount of action more than made up for it though
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Vandron Fuji
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Re: [AAR] NSC AAF Roam - 3 March 2021

Post by Vandron Fuji »

Class was good and was a good outline of NSC without getting caught up in details. Mumble issue cant be helped. Nice Stress free travel fleet down.

Started off in a Comet and got into hull in first fight but survived, ended up switching into Cruor when our original one died and left. Had never flown one before, so was fun to try something new and was happy i seemed to perform half decent in it.

FC was solid throughout, Hippla says he felt he had a few unsure moments, well this didnt come through to us, he maintained an air of confidence which is important in an FC. The parts with the fleet getting split slightly i would say was more down to keen newbros as opposed to any leadership issue.

Losses were to be expected with lack of logi, even when we had one come along it was a lot to deal with.

All round good night and left a clone down in PC9
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Tomcat Evergreen
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Re: [AAR] NSC AAF Roam - 3 March 2021

Post by Tomcat Evergreen »

Forming a newbro fleet of that size is one of the more challenging tasks a FC can do, and I think you did it well, ensureing everyone had a doctrine ship they could fly.
That we got interrupted by someone getting booshed of the station is not your fault. And while we normally react to such things and rush to aid, I would say during newbro fleet formup nobody should be outside, otherwise just die alone. (Sorry Raas).

The fights were chaotic, 3 parties on field, with one of them coming in and out of system so we didn't have a good estimate on their numbers and ships and our own fleet full of newbors (good turnout btw, thx everyone for coming). Under those conditions you did good enough in my eyes.

But you made one fatal mistake:
You forgot to mention in your AAR that we lost two Enyos to the Typhoon/Prophecy group: https://zkillboard.com/related/30003278/202103032200/ ;)

One note to fleet members (including myself as one of the guilty parties in the Garmur kill in PVH): If we have control of the field and the target is safely tackled, there is no need to rush a kill while FC organizes the rest of the fleet to get in on it. Such behaviour will discourage pilots from following FC orders, which is bad for morale. So please keep targets alive if we know we can keep them until everyone had their chance to join.
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Magic Anninen
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Re: [AAR] NSC AAF Roam - 3 March 2021

Post by Magic Anninen »

Intro to NSC class
I attended the NSC Intro class for the first time after i'm back to eve. It was a pleasant experience listening to Hippla & Eugate outlining what the NSC is like. I find it remarkable that the teachers didn't get carried away in details or telling endless stories about the NSC, good job, very focused.

AAF roam
As for the AAF roam afterwards, it was super fun. Hats off for Hippla to get all the newbro's in a ship. Our forming didn't even last as long as others i've experienced.
I can only second Vandron Fuji: "he maintained an air of confidence which is important in an FC"!

The booshing played out well 2 times.
Not mentioned was that i made 2 failing boosh attempts. One of them was to try to get us out of the second fight with the Vedmak gang. Problem there was that i myself was well into hull and had therefore no time to get into an optimal position to carry as many pilots with me as possible. I should have reacted earlier and called for everybody to close in on me.
At the other failed attempt, i didn't land close enough to the target and carried only part of the fleet with me. Remark to myself: If the boosh only carries half the fleet, just let it go and wait for a better opportunity. I was very eager to boosh yesterday ;-)

That comes to another debriefing point for me, and is a question to the FC, i feel like having asked too many times if i should attempt to boosh.

One important note to pilots taking the boosh: Do NOT "approach" the boosher, do STOP BEFORE hitting the boosher. If the boosher gets bumbed, he will loose his alignment to the target or desired landing point. ALWAYS use "orbit", this way the autopilot will not target at the boosher ship itself, but for the set orbit trajectory, thus avoiding a bump. <-- hope this makes sense, if any of the more experienced booshers could comment on this, would be awesome.

Hope all the NSC newbros enjoyed the evening!

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