[AAR] Trusty Merlins (01/03/2021)

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Tolerin Escipion
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[AAR] Trusty Merlins (01/03/2021)

Post by Tolerin Escipion »

After a long time without FCing, I've decided to get my feet wet again. Frigate roams are just great fun and very afordable (sorry guys, doble srp month is over xD). A huge thank you to everyone that joined, and it's always an honor for newbros to choose your fleet as one of their firsts.

Basicly what we did is form up at Eugales, went over the newbro speech and some basic mechanics, and undocked on time (I just love it when that happens). We had good numbers on the fleet and a good balance between "experience" and "wanting to learn" so rols were given out (scouts and logi) where players that wanted to learn were able but always had someone to help them out if needed.

After undock, I decided to change the "usual" route, and went towards HSC, to see if Stay Frosty would be around Oulleta. We'll we did find them, but it must have been bad timing because nobody wanted to play (poor Mike...xD)

So we cercled back into Verge Vendor, found a merlin that wasnt following our naming convention, so we blaped it. Not sure if it was a afk player.

Since not much content was to be found, and no LSC roam can return back home without visiting the gods at Valhalla, we headed that way, making a little detour to see is Snuffed would be out and about. No luck on Snuffed.

In Valhalla (and suroundings) we found a few targets. At the end, we enganged and uneven fight (as if there's ever any even fight in EVE xD). We were able to get a wolf, and almost an algos magus but 3 deacons (yes Mike, you are right, there were 3 and not 2 xD) can really rep. Our adversaries keep bringing more stuff on grid so at that point I called for anyone wanting to save their ship to get out. Happy to say people decided to honor the pirate code and to only leave when in their pod.

I'm really happy with the overall outcome of the fleet, probably should have gone for those deacons a bit sooner.

Roam members (19)
Ben Lear - Merlin
Bluegru Heslead - Merlin
Cassie Bright - Merlin
Droidekas - Merlin
Eliaylah Rouiruah - Merlin
Gaelys Aarmenvar - Burst
Jeremiah Gotthelf - Burst
Johann Maulerant - Merlin
Kai del Terra - Merlin
Marek Holmberg - Griffin
Mike Kingswell - Slasher, Vigil Fleet Issue
Ricky Steamboat - Merlin
Sainaras Aishai - Slasher
Sean Yakin - Burst
Sparklez Ripper - Slasher
Tolerin Escipion - Merlin
Viktor Hochberg - Merlin
Werner Jaeger - Merlin
Z3L0s - Merlin
Kills and Losses

(19:42:37) Melmaniel, Murethand
Merlin +0.4m
Slasher -3.62m

(19:51:24) Abune
Slasher -6.84m

(20:04:05) Kedama
Slasher -2.67m
Griffin -6.87m

(20:13:27) Sujarento
Algos +5.1m

(20:19:37) Tama, Ouelletta
Wolf +55.62m
Burst -7.92m
Burst -8.03m
Merlin -10.37m
Burst -4.54m
Vigil Fleet Issue -19.5m
Slasher -5.15m
Merlin -9.17m
Merlin -9.15m
Merlin -9.16m
Merlin -4.74m
Merlin -8.87m
Merlin -3.08m
Merlin -10.31m
Merlin -9.79m
Merlin -9.14m
Merlin -10.21m
Merlin -9.96m
Capsule -0.79m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 61,119,353.5
ISK Lost: 169,883,463.44
ISK Delta: -108,764,109.94
Efficiency: 26.458%
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Mike Kingswell
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Teaching Manager
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Re: [AAR] Trusty Merlins (01/03/2021)

Post by Mike Kingswell »

Good fun and nice calm FCing :)

one little note:
In the last fight it was a MAGUS and not an Algos we nearly broke and I am almost sure the deacons had to heat their reps to catch him in time. Looking back calling heating on our side could have possibly added that little bit needed DPS.

We are definatly fun positiv on this one :)
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Ben Lear
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Re: [AAR] Trusty Merlins (01/03/2021)

Post by Ben Lear »

Thanks for organising & FCing this fleet Tolerin , it was fun and really enjoyable.

Interesting how targets seem to scatter more now when they 'see' an Eve Uni scout move into system, lol , poor Mike :lol:

I do need to sort out my trig standing as I got taken past shields and almost all armor from their gate guns and then had to find a friendly structure to repair in I think Valhalla.

We were so, so close is breaking that big ship in Valhalla before that massive flashing fleet jumped in on us.

Fleets are by far my favorite content at the moment. :D
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