[AAR] LowSec Roam - Feb 26 - 2330

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Diathen Eridani
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[AAR] LowSec Roam - Feb 26 - 2330

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I formed the fleet about an hour early. I picked a route that lead from TFD around Lowsec 19j and back to TFD. Newbro speech was good and commands clear. I didn't use DOTLAN or the ingame map options to find content systems. We stuck to the route and hunted regions along it. We found two targets that scouts were able to tackle. During the first fight we lost our scout so I rotated to a new lead scout/tackle while first went to reship/rejoin. We only found two fights along the path with most pilots docking when they see our colors. We returned to FTD and ended the fleet.

Pros. I gave myself much more time to prepare for this fleet than the last. I picked a better route(clear and easy to set). Clear MOTD.

Cons I tried using the production department. I filled out the request probably too early at 2 weeks out. There were no ships on contract so we used T1 flight deck ships. My pace was okay for new pilots but more experienced pilots probably got bored. I didn't joke a lot.. I'm just not a joker but that style definitely can help the pace and enjoyment of a fleet + pilot retention for next fleets.

Next fleet, I need to work out just how the production form/department works so I can have requested ships ready on contract. I need to use some type of content finder for rich hunting grounds. I need to tell at least 2 jokes.

Roam members (15)
Apex Maximus - Atron
Ben Lear - Atron
Cassie Bright - Atron
Diathen Eridani - Griffin
Droidekas - Merlin
Eliaylah Rouiruah - Atron
Fonggar Akiga - Incursus
Gaelys Aarmenvar - Slasher
Hikaru Sakai - Atron
Michael Tempest - Maulus
Orck Atreides - Atron
Red Fish - Condor
Sainaras Aishai - Griffin
Suriya Wiggin - Atron
Vlen Backett - Atron
Kills and Losses

(00:05:11) Heydieles
Slasher -7.58m
Caldari Navy Hookbill +76.46m
Capsule +147.67m

(00:11:41) Indregulle
Tormentor +0.43m
Capsule +0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 224,570,954.45
ISK Lost: 7,579,421.13
ISK Delta: 216,991,533.32
Efficiency: 96.735%

Overall evaluation
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