[AAR] NSC gang tries to hunt

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Tomcat Evergreen
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[AAR] NSC gang tries to hunt

Post by Tomcat Evergreen »

We had a LowSec wormhole in PC9 and were bored so 5 of use decided to go on a roam. Magic volunteered to be Inty scout, the rest (Apo, Ito, Michael and Tomcat) hopped into Enyos.

We went through the hole into Saranen and check the surounding systems, since they showed NPC kills. We saw 3 Ravens on Dscan, but couldn't get to them before they reached a station.

Nearby NullSec looked promising as well, with some kills and ratting activity shown on the map, so we headed into Pure Blind towards EL8-4Q. When we hit the first rattin system, we send in our scout, he reported an Ishtar, but couldn't find him fast enough before he docked. After that we decided to shotgun, since all of us had tackle modules. But still, with one or two dozend sites to pick and only 5 ships to do, we failed to catch anything. I decided to travel the pipe backwards, to see if they would have formed a response fleet, but nope.

We then used a Signal Filament that Apo had brought along, I don't even remember where we ended up. The first jump was somewhat botched, in that Apo called out an Ishtar on Dscan, but I was so focused on checking where we were and what the map looked like, that I didn't call for shotgun this time. The area was somewhat empty, we tried hitting a few nearby systems with ratting activity, but failed again.

When the timer was up we filamented again, to land back in Pure Blind, in a system that had 10 PvP kills, but an hour ago. Since we had spent some time we decided to head home, only 19 jumps to PC9. On the last gate in NullSec before we hit the LowSec part of the route our +1 Scout reported a Taranis, I had ignored Interceptors so far, as we were unlikely to catch them, but when I realized that the Taranis is a Combat Ceptor I told Magic to try and catch him. Unfortunatley the Taranis did the same to Magic's Stilletto and had a Rupture gang on the other side of the gate with him, while we were on the other side of the system.

R.I.P. Stilleto -51M

I decided not to engage them, in fear of them being AC fit and had the remaining gang move on towards PF- in hope to get a fight with a gate camp there. There was no gate camp so we took down their bubble.

1. Bubble +1.4M

We were seeking some more content in 6-C, but didn't find anyone who wanted to engage us. There Ito had to leave, but Magic had reshiped and rejoined us there and we took down some of their bubbles

2. Bubble +1.4M
3. Bubble +1.4M
4. Bubble +1.4M

We had intel on Rovinia and Mornak in PC9 not long before, so convoed Rovinia and asked where they were at and we meet them in V4-. We outnumbered them 2 to 1, so they tried to split us up on the ATY gate, but failed to kill anyone on the ATY side before we could rejoin. We chased them through the system a bit and I managed to land on Rovinias Worm for hard tackle, but Mornak was there before my reinforcements, so I went down and the Worm got away, but the Confessor got caught and killed.

Enyo loss -43M
Confessor kill +69M

GFs were had and we headed home.

All in all this roam started of a bit disappointing. This was not the first time a fleet failed to catch any ratter or miners in SovNull, and I begin to consider not to go there anymore. Why stray far, if you can have good fights at home. (In our case, the potential good fights in PC9 that we missed out were two different 10+ cruiser fleets that we could not have taken with our numbers anyway.)
But the fight we had was fun and the team did well in avoiding losses and securing a kill.

Things to improve:
Small gangs can communicate more openly, if only the self-proclaimed FC (me) would listen.
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Magic Anninen
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Re: [AAR] NSC gang tries to hunt

Post by Magic Anninen »

I enjoyed the roam a lot. I should have realized that i can't survive the Taranis and told the FC.

I'd also say, rather roam syndicate and neighbouring LS than go all that far to sov, at least with our numbers.

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