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[AAR] Swarming Nullsec with Interceptors

Posted: 2021.02.24 11:10
by Arin Mara
Swarming Nullsec with Interceptors
Get Your Fleet On! by Razorien EVE, on Flickr
Goal: Consume the World! Alliances of New Eden, hide your Pods, hide your Ships for the Interceptor swarm has come to devour you all!


Every month or so I go out into the wild carrying the Torch of the University and attempt to shake hands with the natives. Marek Holmberg and Tolerin Escipion told me about the ShrinkWrapped Event, where everyone flies an Interceptor, run by Fleet Commander keacte of F.U.N. Inc.. Marek had nothing but praise for the Event and its Fleet Commander. Marek described keacte as "one of the best", "professional and pleasant" and "fearless and relentless". Could it be I'm about to meet a second Yto Itinen?

I approached F.U.N. Inc. via Discord about attending the ShrinkWrapped Event and was immediately warmly welcomed by:
  • MuonNeutrino, a Discord user
  • keacte, the aforementioned Fleet Commander and leader of F.U.N. Inc.
  • Neemo Beer, an ex-Unista
  • Scopique, a Fleet Commander of F.U.N. Inc.

F.U.N. Inc. is well organized. I had no problem finding all the necessary information about the Event: goal, duration, Ship Fittings, form-up location, how to connect to F.U.N. Inc. Mumble. They had everything from an in-game channel "EBWF public" to a Forum post on our own Forums. :)
All the loot belongs to F.U.N. Inc. and is given away during festivities. There is no Ship Replacement Program.

Ship Fittings are designed for Level V skilled capsuleers and the ShrinkWrapped Interceptor costs about 70M ISK. I struggled to board the Ship because it didn't have enough Powergrid to support all the Modules. I had to buy an Implant and turn off a Module to get the Ship to work.

Form up

As we were Fitting our Ships, the Fleet Commander told us to quickly fill out two forms, lest we wanted to be kicked from the Fleet. On one of them had a table titled "EWAR" that lists "... Track, Paint, Logi, Probes" in rows and a scale of 0-3 in columns. I had no idea what that meant. Marek pointed out it was asking "How many EWAR Modules of each type do you have fitted?".
The Fleet Commander explained to me that the purpose of the forms is to expedite form up and balance EWAR. The hurry was meant for the capsuleers who already had a Ship, not for those who are yet to board one. By filling out the forms, the Fleet Commander was able to better allocate EWAR to capsuleers who still didn't have a ship.

A very verbose capsuleer in Mumble couldn't fill out the forms because, to them, they appeared in Czech. We had a good laugh as, according to the Fleet Commander, this was the first time that happened in more then fifty Fleets. :D


When we undocked the Fleet Commander set the destination over Mumble as "Nourv on the Tama Gate", but posted "Oinasiken" as destination in Fleet Chat. Because the Fleet Commander pronounced only the first five letter of an unpronounceable Caldari State System, because I was taking notes for this Report and because it was my first time attending the Fleet, I got lost. Thankfully, Rob Nexus wrote what was said over Mumble in Fleet Chat and I recovered my bearings. :)

As we travelled to the Wormhole leading to Thera in Oinasiken, with the intention of jumping into Null Security Regions, the Fleet Commander:
  • said who to include on the Watchlist
  • delegated intelligence gathering tasks
  • forbade the premature destruction of enemy Capsules
  • reiterated the dangers of not adhering to Standing Orders

From then on, we consumed every single Battleship that failed to run away...


  • 18:30 - Discord ping reminds everyone the Fleet will form in an hour in Jita
  • 19:30 - Fleet forms, Xs go up in "EBWF public" in-game Chat Channel
  • 20:05 - Destination set as Thera Wormhole in Oinasiken, Fleet undocks
  • 20:10 - Watchlist and Message of the Day set, D-Scan and Local Chat intelligence gatherers assigned
  • 20:20 - Two Wormholes inside Thera collapse after Scouts went inside them, but before the Fleet could enter; Scouts recalled
  • 20:23 - First kill was a Bustard inside Thera; due to the Gala Event, it dropped 90% of the loot
  • 20:30 - Took the third Wormhole from Thera into Null Security Region of Catch, loot has been stashed away successfully
  • 20:46 - Contact made with a hostile Battleship, but it aligned, used the Micro Jump Drive and warped away
  • 20:48 - Fleet Commander authorized the use of a Micro Jump Field Generator to prevent a Battleship from escaping, but the target jumped through the Stargate; Fleet movement orders around the pair of Stargates were confusing; we did destroyed the Apocalypse in the end
  • 20:50 - Fleet Commander immediately acted and divided the Fleet into three equal Damage Dealing Wings, assigned Wing Commanders and ask the Fleet to remember their Wing number
  • 21:00 - In GE-8JV System I've found a Level 1 HZO Refinery, Amarr Empire, COSMOS Mission Agent Galhar Lahara flying an Impel :D
  • 21:05 - Fleet of fifty three members failed to overwhelm a Saber's spatial distortion field
  • 21:15 - pulverized an Orthus and their expensive Capsule before it could jump through the Stargate
  • 21:20 - Criminal Gnosis, Sabre and Oracle escape through the Stargate; Fleet Commander relentlessly pursued the Oracle; I though our engines would give up :D
  • 21:27 - Smashed a Cerberus, but their Huggins and Sabre companions escaped
  • 21:28 - Moved from the Catch to the Providence Region
  • 21:30 - Dismantled a Jaguar who dared approach us
  • 21:32 - Atomized a Drake and their expensive Capsule for fun
  • 21:44 - Set a Cerberus ablaze, but not before they retaliated against Otto Deitrich, killing them instantly
  • 21:48 - Fleet Commander asks how we are liking the Event; I state that the only thing that could make it better is a break; Fleet Commander responds to me directly and grants me my wish, yaaaaay :) :)
  • 22:03 - Break over, Fleet undocks
  • 22:16 - Vanquished a Malediction that was slightly too brave
  • 22:20 - Took apart two Exploration Asteros because they gave us the evil eye
  • 22:30 - Hostile capsuleer ejected from their Jaguar and escaped in a Capsule possibly because they had expensive Implants
  • 22:41 - Landed on a large Fleet and scared to death two Exequrors and a Manticore as at least six other ships escaped because we failed to scramble their Warp Engines
  • 22:50 - Sunk two smartbombing Typhoons without a single casualty; Fleet Commander thought the Fleet was splitting damage, but the Typhoons were smartbombing each other :D Fleet Commander apologized for criticizing the Fleet
  • 22:53 - Cruor send into the oblivion from whence it came
  • 22:56 - Fleet Commander offered Fleet Members to leave the Fleet through the Stargate to an adjacent High Security System; I left, but not before thanking the Fleet Commander, the Logisticians, Scouts and the Fleet for a great night :)

And as soon as I left a multi-billion ISK Marauder appeared in the System. For Yto and Marek's Nullbear Hunt regulars, this occurrence will be par for the course. :P

Fleet Commander

  • keacte of F.U.N. Inc. came highly recommended
  • swore twice and no more then ten bad words were uttered during three hour of intense combat; the Fleet Commander assures me that they are seldom PG18
  • insisted, twice, that there are no dumb questions and encouraged Fleet Members to speak their mind
  • delegated D-Scan and Local Chat intelligence gathering, Scouting and making a novice Logistician speech to Fleet Members
  • gave Align, Jump, Warp and Kill command thrice
  • withheld the ultimate Null Security destination until we jumped into the Catch Region from Thera
  • spelled out letters in English, rather then phonetically
  • has a large collection of perch Bookmarks around Null Security Stargates to catch idling ships
  • was relentlessly bloodthirsty: they wanted to kill everything from exploration Frigates to smartobombing Battleships
  • made a habit of reminding Fleet Members to repair their Modules and reload Charges
  • flew a Raptor Interceptor just like everyone else rather then a Monitor command ship, accepting they could be killed first
  • emphasized the importance of tight, precise and clear communication
  • made a habit of praising Combat Probers, Scouts, Logisticians and other Specialists

Fleet Members
x03 Skirmishers
x02 Interdictors
x01 Micro Jump Field Generator equipped Destroyer
x03 Logisticians
x02 Electronic Attackers
x01 Combat Prober
x41 Damage Dealing Interceptors

Note: the Fleet Commander asked me to omit the names of Fleet Members. They fear Skirmishing capsuleers will be picked on. If you want to know who attended the Fleet send me a request via EVEmail and a reason why.
Note: the Fleet Commander delegated 1 AU, 7 AU, 14 AU and Local Chat Channel analysis, but it is impossible to discover to whom
Note: there are no Second or Third In Command, the Fleet Commander is the only capsuleer with the right to issue commands
  • After the first break, out of 53, 39 capsuleers remained
  • After the second break, I left and did not record how many capsuleers stayed

The goal of the Report is to:
  • prepare prospective capsuleers and set expectations for F.U.N. Inc. Events
  • lavishly praise, thank and show gratitude towards others' hard work
  • analyze the Event and its Fleet Commander in hopes of replicating and improving the same
  • enhance the EVE University's reputation for excellence

If you want to try out the Event for yourself, I suggest a PvP Fleet Experience Level of Self-Sufficient / Self-Preservation because:
  • you have to know the difference between a Scram and a Point, so brush up on your EVE Lexicon
  • your best bet of surviving is to heroically run away as Logisticians can only do so much :D
  • seventeen Ship kills in three hours is apparently a slow night according to both Marek and the Fleet Commander

After twenty hours of notetaking, ingesting feedback, analyzing Discord messages, Fleet Chat logs, re-watching the Stream, writing and typesetting, the Report is finally ready for your consumption. Enjoy! :)

Re: [AAR] Swarming Nullsec with Interceptors

Posted: 2021.02.24 11:39
by keacte
Thanks for the fantastic AAR Arin!

Just for context... the first part of the roam, from start to end of Phase 2, ie approx ~2hrs 45mins or roaming - we destroyed approx 7.06BN isk

from 20:22 - 22:55 7.06BN isk destroyed
phase 1, 5.72BN isk destroyed - up to bio
phase 2, 1.34BN isk destroyed- from bio to end of first part of roam

from 22:55 - 00:56 1.38BN isk destroyed

For Roam 2 we destroyed 1.38BN isk.

ROAM 1&2 = 8.38BN isk destroyed.

Thus far - over the course of 47 roams we have destroyed a total of 233.7BN isk!!

In terms of the ShrinkWrapped / combat interceptors doctrine itself - this is an adaptation of the "old school" Hydra Principle developed by Agony Unleashed ( ... _Principle) of which i was a member of for nearly 9 years.

ShrinkWrapped is basically death by a thousand papercuts, and through balanced ewar, good numbers, non-diversity of ship types, and superior tactics that this can work.

The beauty of the raptor in this is the extra mid utility slot, the high DPS, and potential to overheat MWD to 7k to allow fleet to move very quickly on grid, between grids, between systems and between regions.

Here is the twitch stream which will likely be up for another week or so until it will be lost to the sands of time!

Please - if you fancy coming along... hop onto discord - all the details can be found here > ... 6&t=109692

Fly safe! - and if you cant fly safe.... FLY FUN! o7