[AAR]WHC raids Nullsec! 3.6 Bill, no losses!

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Yto Itinen
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[AAR]WHC raids Nullsec! 3.6 Bill, no losses!

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We were rolling a new Eggs to get some loot from a previous fight and got a good system, and on top of that it had two Drifter holes! Pitheas began scanning it down and it showed an EoL hole smack dab into a Kalevala ratting pocket! Dotlan had numbers so great we were hoping for carriers, so we pinged and decided to form up. We went for AAF heavy on bubbles, hoping to catch some big stuff. The form up was slow, thanks Bed for sorting up the issues and for advocating for space socialism, much appreciated! Still,it took us like half an hour to form up, but finally the circus hit the road :D

Roam members (16)
BedDaBaws - Retribution
Boran Lordsworth - Enyo
Demetri Cesaille - Retribution
Gibson Thunderbird - Deacon
Ichii Nee - Sabre
Karakuri Prime - Retribution
Klaxis Archimedes - Confessor
Macilles - Enyo
Omio Okanata - Retribution
Pitheas Attikos - Deacon
Tarthir Skor - Enyo
Vex Clover - Stiletto
Vlye Annages - Hecate
Volk Musashi - Enyo
Yto Itinen - Sabre
mneploho - Deacon
Kills and Losses

We landed in the heavy green systems and...nothing, zero, zilch, nada :(
The krabbs had had ample time to dock up with their bellies full of isk. We still pressed on and found a Procurer mining ice, but the defeat in our voices was kinda obvious..."Do we want to bubble it up?" "yeah...go for it". Well, my bubble goes up, Vex points it, and we blap it, turned out to be a director or smth, with a decent pod to boot!

(00:27:43) 86L-9F
Procurer +57.02m
Capsule +149.8m

At this point we are already dolled up and we kinda want more, so we let Dotlan show us the way. Fate favours the fast and good things happen to those who roam, as I managed to bubble a guy boxing a Rattle and Gila on the same site. Vex focuses the Rattle, fleet also land secondaries on Gila. Drones were blingy, but they were kinda poor man's fit...

(00:48:02) D3S-EA
Rattlesnake +1081.79m
Executioner +7m
Gila +391.23m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m

I manage to find an Ishtar, but this time I have come prepared, no amount of warp stabs was gonna save it.
Vex landed secondary and we blap it. Turns out amount of core stabs was...zero.
Cheers sir, well played!

(01:20:14) K95-9I
Ishtar +283.01m
Capsule +0.01m

What about second Ishtar? Well, triple core stabs! Bad boi, no treat for you!

(01:29:21) 9P4O-F
Ishtar +269.45m
Capsule +40.44m

We decided to bubble a flashy capsule coming our merry way, more corpses for Bob!

(01:41:52) BZ-BCK
Capsule +0.01m

We are doubling back home at this point, and we kinda showed our hand by killing that capsule. I have moved forward, fleet is watching a
Tengu pilot undock and we take a laugh at his cringy bio. Suddenly Vex says. "Guys, it is doing a site! I have him here!" Is this guy gonna cyno
nasty stuff on us? Let's find out! He is probably bait tanking! Wait, for real, nothing!? Turns out this guy noticed a hostile fleet when he undocked and decided it was not gonna stop him from ratting...ok, thanks buddy! Loot fairy said no tho...

(01:47:05) BZ-BCK
Tengu +1205.87m
Capsule +100.76m

We bubbled a Heron because we are mean

(01:57:36) J-OAH2
Heron +16.88m
Capsule +0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 3,603,288,954.16
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 3,603,288,954.16
Efficiency: 100%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    1)Amazing work from Vex, we were doing a small practical before we formed up and he piloted his ceptor really well! Hunter in the making!
    2)Fleet discipline was great, we lost no one despite short range on the logi and the newfound speed of the MWD. It's always a joy to hear people
    discover the joys of speedtanking rats, as Gibson did!
    3)Well done Pitheas and our dotlan navigators! Content is readily found if we know how to look for it!
    4)I think this is the most successful Uni raid we have ran so far, mad props to everyone! Look at the green numbers!

    (Negative stuff)
    1)Formup was slow, in part because of numbers, in part because of the doctrine switch going on, we almost left with an AB Deacon. Early bird catches the carriers, so we need to have ships ready at hand for these roams! Also how come we can't find a boosher in 16 people? lol
    2)Nullsec movement is fast and hectic, system names are hard and we had a few stragglers at times. We got better towards the end.
Fly fun, until next time!
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Tarthir Skor
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Re: [AAR](Preliminary) WHC raids Nullsec! 3.6 Bill, no losses!

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I still can't believe that tengu undocked with us on grid and thought he should go ratting
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