[AAR] Updated! The Forgotten Fleet - Strikes Back

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Raas Caslo
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[AAR] Updated! The Forgotten Fleet - Strikes Back

Post by Raas Caslo »

Note: This AAR is dedicated to the lovers and to the haters of it!! :D

Hello my gunners!!

Once again TFF flew dangerously, got its kills and got killed. We had 12 pilots in fleet and I thank you all for flying till we could no more. I am super glad to see new Unistas that are New to PvP joining the fleet. I hope we are bringing content, knowledge and fun.

This time preparing the fleet was relatively straight forward, we did not take too long to undock (as planned @20:00), the idea of 30 mins for new bros briefing, ship handling and Q&As is paying back, the fleet undocked at 20:15 and few minutes after we were on the kills.

The fleet had Red Fish as Scout, Manada Doomsslayer as 2IC and Kraiklyn Vuld as Logi. We decided to go through Thera using the LowSec path as a way to find content. Again, this decision paid back, because the three kills of the fleet were found in Agoze and Ostingele. Thanks to the effective scouting of Red Fish and the quick reaction of the fleet, we got to kill a procurer, a Praxis, and while jumping gates, Red Fish suggested to go for an Epithal risking taking gate guns. The kill of the Epithal was a success as the fleet managed to leave the grid with no loses, although, there was a lot of luck in it, my Garmur left grid with 1% hull, a little bump from someone else could have destroyed the ship. :P


Once we repaired, we headed to Thera. We visited Delve but noting was around to kill, so we went back to Thera and YEET, we landed in Vale of the Silent where we did not find anything interesting as well, so we YEET again and landed in Insmother. Roaming around we came across a Vedmak at the gate of GB-6X5 and we decided to engage. Some of us did not aggress to be able to jump the gate with the Vedmak. On the other side Red Fish was waiting to land tackle, once done, he observed that the Vedmak was still moving fast, he kept Scram and Long Point, but by the time we could jump the gate, the Vedmak was 80Km from it and managed to kill Red Fish’s Stiletto, Ben Lear and I tried to regain tackle while the rest of the fleet was catching up, but eventually we lost our ships too, at this point Manda Doomsslayer took command and decided to scatter and extracted the remining pilots using filaments to Pochven and then to K-space.

While waiting for timers to run off from YEETing, Red Fish consulted the pilot of the Vedmak and he kindly shared the fit, he had a 100MN AF that confirmed what we observed. That was a difficult target to kill.

Roam members (12)
Ayo KingAyo - Merlin
Ben Lear - Garmur
Gwanroth Kashada - Merlin
Kraiklyn Vuld - Burst
RLoagan - Merlin
Raas Caslo - Garmur
Red Fish - Stiletto
Sainaras Aishai - Merlin
Sean Yakin - Garmur
Z3L0s - Merlin
manda doomsslayer - Merlin
Kills and Losses

(20:31:07) Agoze, Ostingele
Procurer +41.27m
Praxis +491.27m

(20:51:19) Ostingele
Epithal +23.56m

(21:56:42) GB-6X5
Stiletto -53.17m
Merlin -12.26m
Garmur -69.68m
Garmur -68.65m
Garmur -68.64m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 556,100,019.06
ISK Lost: 272,420,517.58
ISK Delta: 283,679,501.48
Efficiency: 67.12%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    - Once again, new bros that are New to PvP be part of the fleet, is nice!
    - A Scout, a 2IC and Logi that were cool and efficient at their roles.
    - Fleet members that kept cool and managed to survive as long as they could.
    - While flying around, we had the chance to explain how to use Dotlan, Gatecamp and Eve-Scout to new bros.
    - On my side, no longer so stressed and having fun FCing.
    (Stuff to improve)
    - I need to improve survivability of the fleet. I need to identify weak points to address without compromising on New Bros and New to PvP friendly fleet, and still flying the Garmurs as main ship.
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The Forgotten Fleet
"Live to Fly, Fly to Kill"
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Ben Lear
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Re: [AAR] The Forgotten Fleet - Strikes Back

Post by Ben Lear »

Thanks to Raas for organising and sponsoring this regular fleet and Red Fish for some great scouting on this one.

We first traveled through Low sec to wormhole space getting some nice kills on the way , especially the Praxis ...

Wormhole space was spooky as normal and we finished the fleet in a blaze of glory in nulsec, what more could you wish for in a PVP fleet ... :D

Already looking forward to the next one :)
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Raas Caslo
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Re: [AAR] Updated! The Forgotten Fleet - Strikes Back

Post by Raas Caslo »

Thanks Ben!! A new one is on the way!!
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The Forgotten Fleet
"Live to Fly, Fly to Kill"
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