[NSC] The Drama of M2 in three Acts - 1800 09.02.2021

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[NSC] The Drama of M2 in three Acts - 1800 09.02.2021

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Glasscannon destroyers

RLML Caracals

Feroxes with Nienke

Live postop analysis of my fleets on the Thursday stream

Phew, what a night!

Going out from NSC with the Glasscannons as planned, we had intel of ongoing gatecamping in M2. I first thought we couldn't really engage anything there but decided to try after all. We had set our eyes particularly on a Nergal and played around the 97X gate and in the end were in a position vs multiple Caracals and other kity stuff but also a Dominix which would have been a good target with the Glasscannons. But I was extremely hesitant remembering a previous fleet where we engaged a smartbombing Battleship. I should have quickly checked myself but the confirmation of my fears came from a fleet member who called out that the Domi had no guns.
I then decided to jump back through the gate, but was slow to warp off the fleet, which led to us getting bubbled. I called for scatter. Rewatching the engagement getting bubbled there should have really led me to go all in. In the VOD I even noticed that the Nergal was super close, so we probably could have burned it down in that situation.
I got killed pretty fast and Mongo and Nienke proceeded to try and get the survivors out. They got caught in the end and got one last nearly successful go at the Nergal.

We reformed with Caracals in PC9. Going back in we got another engagement around M2 / 97X. This time with significantly more stuff on grid which immediately went right over my head, which led me to kinda lock up and not be effective anymore. Maybe I should have given over FC right there? I utterly lost range control and we set right at a Nightmare. Most of the things we tried blapping got out of range too fast.

After getting mopped up again, Nienke asked to hijack the fleet and we formed up Feroxes. I got into Logi. We warped around a lot and tried to pick stuff off around their Cerb fleet they upshipped into. They primaried Nienke, we overheated every last repper, he went down regardless.

Afterwards we had a Debrief, I took some things with me, but was very tired and exhausted.
I did a rewatch and analysis on my Thursday stream and got a few more insights

Key learnings:
Gotta try and join more fleets as a line member
With Glasscannons, just try and get something, don't fret too much
Assign a dedicated anchor and ALWAYS check ranges before going out with Caracals
Learned something about the situation in Syndicate particularly with the Russians, but definitely need to have more awareness of the space

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    Engaged in fights that were way past my FC experience
    Kept the fleet together and decently focused
    Got newbies to scout and decently communicated in - for me - complex situations
    (Negative stuff)
    Not decisive enough/slow
    Lacking good target picking
    Was too involved in piloting, which heavily impeded my FCing of the Caracals
    Didn't use the Hyena and Keres in a meaningful way, lacked communication with them
    Underestimated Logi massively and multiple times thought I was about to die, which impeded my focus on FCing - also didn't broadcast :(

Roam members (24)
Analee Tsasa - Malediction, Ferox
Asenne - Cormorant, Caracal
Demetrius en Thielles - Thrasher
Destiny567 Moser - Thrasher, Caracal, Ferox
Duke Bosch
Eugate Maulerant - Catalyst, Caracal
FeistyOtter - Thrasher, Crucifier
Frood Frooster - Coercer, Caracal, Ferox
Gideon Mastracci - Sabre, Ferox
Hideo Date - Thrasher, Caracal
Lazaren - Caracal
Lynx Zauberer - Caracal, Ferox
Mongo the Mechanic - Hyena, Cyclone, Drake
Nienke Solette - Cormorant, Ferox
RLoagan - Catalyst, Caracal
Raas Caslo - Caracal, Drake
Red Fish - Coercer
Sainaras Aishai - Cormorant, Executioner
Tomcat Evergreen - Ares, Osprey, Scythe
Valdgir Munchausen - Thrasher
Vectorlock - Caracal, Blackbird
Vybez Kartel - Thrasher, Caracal, Drake
manda doomsslayer - Cormorant, Caracal, Scythe
mister nice kanneh - Keres
Kills and Losses

(18:29:42) M2-CF1, 97X-CH, JH-M2W
Thrasher +15.01m
Capsule +0.01m
Gnosis +83.55m
Thrasher -13.08m
Keres -39.95m
Thrasher -13.64m
Cormorant -6.07m
Hyena -40.39m
Malediction +35.22m
Caracal +47.66m
Thrasher -6.91m
Malediction -41.26m
Thrasher -5.89m
Catalyst -12.72m
Cormorant -6.09m
Cormorant -27.4m
Thrasher -11.7m
Cormorant -13.33m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Catalyst -13.62m
Capsule -0.75m

(19:03:30) JH-M2W
Executioner -2.68m
Thrasher +14.23m
Capsule -0.01m
Astero +75.34m
Capsule +0.01m

(19:14:55) J144408, M2-CF1, JH-M2W
Sabre -74.74m
Cormorant -5.94m
Capsule -0.01m
Caracal -23.73m
Stork +73.86m
Caracal -45.42m
Caracal -25.99m
Caracal -39.07m
Federation Navy Comet +32.64m
Osprey -25.68m
Caracal -37.84m

(20:08:35) 97X-CH
Ferox -102.07m

(20:13:48) 97X-CH
Slasher +13.94m
Jaguar +43.52m
Slasher +6.18m
Executioner -2.68m
Scythe -30.52m
Crucifier -1.61m
Slasher +6.35m
Ferox -92.94m
Capsule -0.01m

(20:27:55) PC9-AY
Scythe -30.51m

ISK Destroyed: 447,511,405.63
ISK Lost: 794,258,671.22
ISK Delta: -346,747,265.59
Efficiency: 36.038%
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