LSC Roam Maulus Malais

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Fonggar Akiga
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LSC Roam Maulus Malais

Post by Fonggar Akiga »

Thanks to all the pilots that came out.

Vex Clover
Carl Zwich
Grim Vortiger
Julius ReifrardRenlard Toten
Skyler Vespera
Hiro Masimoto
Zeeba Eatah
Vybez Kartel
Skyler Vespera

We formed up in caracals and Mauluses, with a nemesis for cloaky scouting and positioning. Other pilots coming in from NSC were bringing scythes, kiki, and a caracal. We were on the way to Tama, when we ran into a jaguar and kiki and traded shots near one of the stations. Meanwhile NSC pilots were already engaging a jackdaw that docked up. But they took station guns, not realizing they can't randomly shoot neutrals.

At one of the gates, we took on a kiki, keres, and jaguar as they engaged some pilots that didn't warp with the fleet and was off grid. We lost some ships as they kited us out. While some pilots went to reship, Zeeba was working with half the fleet to keep the kitey crew engaged while we brought some DPS back from eugales. Ultimately we got smoked when I didn't make the call to regroup and landed on a bookmark where I thought the other half of the fleet was located. Then we got kited out again by phantasm, kiki, keres, jaguar, Vedmak, and ONI. After we docked back up at

Lessons learned.
-Regroup as much as possible, since when we are split, we're very easy to kite out.
-Intel on the engaging fleet, turned out to be Exodus pilots whom were proficient at nano-kiting. We should have engaged more cautiously as a group, with better coordination and knowledge instead of just engaging on sight, thinking our logi and damps would be enough.
-ratios of DPS and ewar was skewed too much, we could have used more DPS than logi, since we could last longer, but we could not break their tanks.
-we lost 3 ships to gate guns because we engaged a neutral kiki, which was a mistake. There were calls for engagement, and I let that flow through instead of cancelling it.

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Julius ReifrardRenlard Toten
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Re: LSC Roam Maulus Malais

Post by Julius ReifrardRenlard Toten »

It was my first time PvP'ing in a T3 Destroyer and it was pretty embarrassing for myself (thankful for some coaching from Zeebah). I appreciate all the mentoring I got from you ,Fonggar, as well. Zeeba tried his gosh darnedest (his words, NOT) to keep me repped. I was really way out of my league. On the kill report I noticed they were using some drones against me which I hadn't even noticed or engaged. I'll have to check my overview about that. Also, my overview was flashy has all heck and it was very distracting. Another adjustment.

Afterwards had some fun flying around the station with Zeeba and Carl Zwich. It would be good for me to do more piloting training and war games to get myself more accustomed to a messy battlefield. Learning how to kite, engage/disengage, break tackle, etc.

All in all a great learning experience and always good times on a Fonggar fleet.

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