[AAR] WHC Fun Night Out

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Vex Clover
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[AAR] WHC Fun Night Out

Post by Vex Clover »

Our story starts when I was woken up at 7am by a ping for a Heavy Armour fight.
Sorry I lied. WHC Fun Morning Out just doesn't sound the same. Plus it was night time for other members in our Fleet.
"Heavy Armour? I can't possibly miss that!" I thought.

To those not familiar with Wormholers, a Heavy Armour brawl is often considered to be the pinnacle of Wormhole fights.

The other side had formed 3 Guardians, 3 Vedmaks, 1 Drekavac, 1 Sacrilege, 1 Hurricane, and 1 Hurricane Fleet Issue. I later learned that they formed this as a response to our 4 Small Ships frigates, trying to gank their rolling Praxis.

"Ooh, they want to fight!" I naively thought. We later learn why this was truly, utterly, wrong.

FC took out a Vanguard of 4 Drekavac, hoping to entice them to fight on their hole in Bacon. They warped to 0 at the hole and started fighting on the hole. At this point, FC called for the rest of the HA fleet to jump into Bacon and warp into their hole. They were quick to response, immediately disengaging and jumping the hole. We all jumped the hole and attempted to tackle anything we could get our hands on, but to no avail. We only managed to tackle a single Drekavac and the others managed to warp off.

Lesson 1: Bring a Dictor to lock down any fleet brawl.

They all warped to their Astrahus and started logging off . We stood down our Heavy Armour fleet and went back home, leaving our scout watching their Astra. At this point, the wormhole to their home is shrink.

Not long after, they undocked a Stabber and warped it to 0 on * hole. We speculated that this could be a Rolling Stabber. Sure enough, the Stabber jumped into Bacon and jumped back into their hole before docking up. I then took over as FC and formed a plan to kill the Stabber next time it jumps, Small Ships were quickly called with a cloaky boosher sitting on their hole. The rest of the SS fleet stayed on .Bacon waiting on the boosher's call/tackle.

The Stabber came back and the boosher unfortunately missed the boosh, the stabber decloaked way too far of the boosher.

"That's okay, let's go for round 2. Maybe the Stabber will jump again," I called.

Sure enough it did! and this time, the boosh succeeded. "Stabber scrammed, warp warp warp" boosher called. The rest of the fleet then warped to the boosher. However, when the fleet is landing, the Stabber is seen on grid warping away :( .

"It was stabbed!" cried the boosher.

"Well, it was a Stabber" Danny said jokingly.

The fleet pinged to get onto the hole at 0, in another attempt to catch the stabbed Stabber. It landed on the hole at 0, the fleet jumped with it, and couldn't get enough point on the Stabber on the other side to catch it.

Lesson 2: Bring a Dictor to lock down any THING.

Well, okay they massively upshipped our 4 frigates, ran away from a Heavy Armour brawl, and kept rolling with a stabbed Stabber, they clearly did not want to fight. "How rude" I thought.

"I'll put out a bait miner in Bacon just to see what we get" a fleet member mentioned.

At this point I started to piece the story together. They do live in C4->C3/C5, maybe they are just krabbers? Their killboard indicates they sometimes PvP in wormholes though.

Frustated with the engagement, I went away from keyboard to have breakfast.

*The details of this is fuzzy since I was not on grid*
I came back 2 hours later to our fleet camping a hole in the same Bacon in the hopes to catch an Occator that was seen jumping in and out.

"Hole activation!" cried one of us. Ichii was in a bomber which made up a lot of the DPS of the fleet, so he uncloaked, applied his target painter, and started shooting.

"Wait what?" was heard in comms, and that is when Ichii was alpha'd off the grid.

To everyone's surprise, what decloaked was not an Occator, but a NOmen. It was soon followed by an SFI and a NOsprey. We tried to disengage but a Confessor was caught in the confusion.

Lesson 3: It's a good idea to have eyes on the other side when you are sitting at 0 on a wormhole

We quickly docked up and tried to formulate a plan to engage them. However, our planning was cut short when someone called "My Hulk is tackled in Bacon, about to go down."

At this very moment, someone in comms called "their hole just died, it EOLed out".

Excited that they had no way out, I grabbed a RamJag in an attempt to also save the bait Hulk. "Quickly form up Small Ships" I voiced in comms. I managed to get 2 deacons and 1 DD x'd up, while in that time the Hulk did not last long. I jumped into Bacon, and managed to D-scan their ships to a planet. I warped to it, and tackled the NOmen.

"Fleet jump jump jump, and warp to Vex" I cried.

However, only 1 Deacon landed, thankfully at a distance. The Deacon pilot smartly saw what was happening and warped off. It turned out that in the confusion, my instructions were unclear and fleet was not fully ready to jump, still staying docked. My RamJag lasted for about 2 minutes, after which it eventually blew up.

During the engagement, it was also called that "Maybe small ships isn't the best call against those nano anti-tackle"

Lesson 4: Hulk with no tank or scram does not make for a good bait
Lesson 5: Make sure you have the fleet ready behind you before hero-tackling
Lesson 6: Small ships was an awful call against nano anti-tackle

They still need to find a way out though, now that their hole is dead.

"They are not on D anymore" called a scout in Bacon. They probably jumped a hole then, I thought.

A minute later, our Bacon scout reported back "A Raven is now on D, sitting on a hole in Bacon, different corp."

Thinking it was a rolling Raven, I quickly reformed small ships to gank it. This time, I made sure that everyone is on the same page. Fleet was formed on .Bacon, we jumped, and warped to the hole where Raven was at. As soon as we engaged it, a Proteus decloaked and started helping the Raven. I called to switch target to the Proteus, while asking our Jaguar pilot to jump the hole before the Proteus hole tanks.

The Proteus soon jumps the hole when it realises it is being targeted. I called the fleet to jump hole to chase. On the other side, 3 other Proteuses were on the hole ready to engage us. Knowing this is not a fight we can take, I asked the fleet to crash the hole and go home to reship into Light Armour. Everyone luckily managed to get away in this skirmish.

Light Armour was quickly formed and standing by on .Bacon. I made sure that all of our polarisation timers are done from the earlier Small Ships skirmish.

"Jump jump jump and warp to the hole at 0" I called, getting ready to engage. We landed at 0 while 2 Proteus and a Raven were on grid. However, they were quick to jump the hole.

"Everyone, jump jump jump and chase!" I exclaimed excitedly. I jumped the hole and tried to tackle the closest thing to me.

"The hole died!" exclaimed one of the fleet members.

"WHAT?!" I thought. After the brief shock, I quickly warped the now-trapped-partial fleet to a HighSec hole that was luckily praise Bob also in the system.

I called to jump into the HighSec and took note. 1 Ashimmu, 3 Brutix, and 1 Harbi were trapped in HighSec.

Lesson 7: Always, always, ALWAYS check the hole condition before jumping the whole fleet in.

We should have known really. They did try to warn us with their corporation name. Very well played to those guys, props from me.

Luckily we were 13j through 4 LS to Jita, I kindly asked people in Innu to rage roll Eggs to get close to Jita, while we made our way there. One of the LS system we needed to go through was Rancer, a popular ganking system. So I asked the fleet to stay together while we made our way to Jita.

The kind people back in Innuendo started rage rolling for Eggs close to Jita. However, in the middle of the roll, someone shouted "Bring Logi quickly to .Eggs!"

What for? You may ask. It turns out the blue NPCs showing up on *Eggs were not faction police, but CONCORD, in response to a roller who jokingly grappled another roller, which, unfortunately for him, was an out-of-corp alt.

Lesson 8: Make sure your safety setting is set to yellow while rolling Eggs

The rest of the night/morning was uneventful, thankfully. We luckily rolled Eggs 15j Jita all HS, and we all got home safely.

That concludes the WHC Fun Night Out. I would like to thank all of the fleet members who attended, formed, and followed my orders. I would also like to thank Bob for providing us with such content-rich Bacon.

Thanks for reading my wall of text. Any feedback/criticism/comments welcome.
Note: This is my first AAR.
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Ichii Nee
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Re: [AAR] WHC Fun Night Out

Post by Ichii Nee »

Great write up Vex! Nice to read it all back as at some points situations were changing so quick I didnt have chance to take stock.

I think one thing I'd like to mention was the size of the active response went down a fair whack after the HA part, which while understandable, wasn't particularly reflected in the amount of people in ASU or even still in fleet. Not that much would have changed, but it did seem some requests for forms were being asked to the wind. A good reminder for folks to leave fleet if they are stepping away.
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Biwako Acami
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Re: [AAR] WHC Fun Night Out

Post by Biwako Acami »

This was a fun read. You should write more AARs when you can. I like how you weave in the lessons learned for the engagement into the text; easy to find the area of context around the lesson.

Looking at what killed you I'm not convinced about the small ships argument, its situational but the drawbacks are definitely amplified when you don't move as a group or fly the shield ramjag instead of the SS one. I think you were spot on about other lessons learnt.

Sounds like it was a pretty busy morning/afternoon/evening/night which is always good.
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Re: [AAR] WHC Fun Night Out

Post by Larkvi »

This was my first HA fight as FC, and I made a pretty typical mistake for me in not asking for an interdictor (I am training a sabre alt, but it will be another 35 days...). We had enough folks that I might have asked for both a dictor and a boosher, to be honest.

I think the vanguard turned out to be a good call, but I should have taken wing command, and put someone in squad command to move the rest of the group to .Bacon and warp them in as a group. I only realized as I was calling for it, that everyone was going to be arriving somewhat piecemeal. I ended up hole tanking, and probably could have decloaked earlier to grab their typhoon fleet issue or one of the others, but I honestly expected us to scram more than one of their retreating fleet (I primed my tackle and tried to lock everything, but it all got off).

I am thinking that, along the lines of Beli's one-page cheat sheets, we should have an "undocking/forming doctrine" checklist to make sure things like 'dictors do not get forgotten by people like me.

The occator was a bit odd, as I had gone after two stabbers in my boosher, and it still came out, dropped probes on grid, and cloaked up. I moved towards the probes and we had several folks out with bubbles up trying to decloak, but somehow missed it. Later, it decloaked 33km off of me and warped off to the hisec. It was an oversight for us not to use all of Dann's decloaking science and fill the space with fireworks.

Still, overall, it was quite a bit of shenanigans, and I enjoyed myself.
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