[AAR] LowSec Roam - 5th - 2330

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[AAR] LowSec Roam - 5th - 2330

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This was a planned 1 hour low sec roam from Eugales. The purpose was Diathen Eridani getting FC time and to bring newer pilots to LSC. Both were accomplished.

The undock took about 12 minutes late. Pilots were arriving from all over. The route I initially set was poor and had too many waypoints with a 3j area through HS. We had a decent scout who +1'd through LS. Just prior HS, we found a target and killed. Since the fleet was flashy, the initial plan was to dock in HS and wait out the timer. I decided instead to stay in lowsec and hunt, HS was never entered. While hunting we lost our #1scout. Logi and fleet landed during the explosion and the target warped. Another pilot disconnected, reconnected and warped in to the complex gate where he was engaged alone. The fleet bounced but did not arrive in time to save the ship. We abandoned the initial route (through HS) and set back to Eugales (prefer less safe) through LS. We jumped through 2 incursion systems and 2 Trig, making best speed through trig. On the return route #2scout tackled another target, we engaged and killed. We then returned to LSC HQ and ended the fleet about 30 later than planned.

My newbro speed was poor. Should have been better. I was provided with a checklist to improve next fleet. I did not have a 2IC first half of fleet (I moved #1scout in a corvette to wing command for inclusion after fireball). I need a designated 2IC from the beginning of the fleet. Need more practice during the fights keeping an eye on big picture. It's too easy to get lost in the up close fight and miss other ships warping in or on Dscan.

FCs have a lot to keep track of.. I need to give myself enough time before fleet to set up as much as I can. Route/roles/ships. 30 minutes is not enough but this was a good learning experience.

I never let there be longer than 10 seconds of silence. Any pause was used to explain what was occurring to the fleet members. I went over safeties, broadcasts+coloring them but not shortcuts, and anchors while in space. For sure, improvements will be made.

Roam members (13)
Caleb Alderon - Merlin
Carl Zwich - Atron
Diathen Eridani - Velator, Atron
Gaelys Aarmenvar - Wolf, Sabre
Iko Obis - Atron
Max Duckman - Harbinger, Merlin
Nathan Blackmane - Merlin
Sainaras Aishai - Heron, Atron
Sean Yakin - Enyo, Merlin
Soin Ohmiras
Ukan Uitoh - Heron, Merlin
Vex Clover - Augoror, Moa, Retribution, Griffin, Breacher
Kills and Losses

(05:34:39) Eugales, J215304, J135543, C6C-K9, DG-8VJ, W5-VBR, EKPB-3, W9-TFD, MR4-MY, Sarekuwa, J151503
Velator -0.01m
Velator -0.01m
Velator -0.01m
Nestor +1030.24m
Leshak +3202.3m
Brutix +138.41m
Brutix +128.24m
Brutix Navy Issue +228.73m
Brutix +129.51m
Brutix +135.09m
Moa -32.85m
Capsule -0.01m
Kikimora +135.47m
Vexor +43.77m
Mobile Tractor Unit +7.02m
Kikimora +159.94m
Mobile Tractor Unit +7.45m
Heron -10.99m
Sabre -75.06m
Capsule -0.01m
Heron -1.95m
Heron -7.39m
Capsule -0.01m

(00:23:16) Ikoskio
Coercer +3m

(00:37:34) Prism
Atron -2.64m

(01:04:16) Vlillirier, Amygnon
Vexor +19.13m
Breacher -2.67m

ISK Destroyed: 5,368,296,338.5
ISK Lost: 133,599,313.67
ISK Delta: 5,234,697,024.83
Efficiency: 97.572%

Overall evaluation
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